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Musica De Architects

Escuchar musica online, letras de canciones, discografias, cds, albums 2017 y 2018 del artista Architects.

Canciones de Architects


ArchitectsMemento Mori08:12

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run04:01

ArchitectsHollow Crown04:24

ArchitectsDevil's Island04:06

ArchitectsA Match Made In Heaven03:48


ArchitectsGone With The Wind03:45

ArchitectsAll Love Is Lost04:20


ArchitectsRed Eyes04:17

ArchitectsAn Open Letter To Myself03:16

ArchitectsDay In Day Out03:10


ArchitectsBlack Blood04:33


ArchitectsTruth, Be Told04:31

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:56

ArchitectsThe Empty Hourglass04:11

ArchitectsPhantom Fear04:06

ArchitectsFrom The Wilderness03:44

ArchitectsBehind The Throne04:08

ArchitectsThe Bitter End02:55

ArchitectsFeather Of Lead02:50

ArchitectsStay Young Forever03:02

ArchitectsLearn To Live04:01

ArchitectsEven If You Win, You're Still A Rat03:12

ArchitectsFollow The Water03:40


ArchitectsEarly Grave03:32

ArchitectsOf Dust And Nations03:42


ArchitectsIn Elegance04:16

ArchitectsOutsider Heart03:28

ArchitectsWe're All Alone03:01

ArchitectsDelete, Rewind03:08


ArchitectsNorth Lane03:15

ArchitectsBlood Bank05:14

ArchitectsYear In Year Out/Up And Away07:27

ArchitectsCracks In The Earth03:21

ArchitectsThe Blues03:16


ArchitectsHeartburn (acoustic Version)03:37

ArchitectsLeft With A Last Minute02:57

ArchitectsDead March03:47

ArchitectsBroken Clocks03:42

ArchitectsEvery Last Breath03:28

ArchitectsBuried At Sea03:42

ArchitectsNumbers Count For Nothing03:50



ArchitectsOne Of These Days02:34

ArchitectsI Can't See The Light04:23

ArchitectsSail This Ship Alone01:55

ArchitectsSave Me04:27

ArchitectsYou'll Find Safety03:33

ArchitectsHunt Them Down03:18

ArchitectsBorrowed Time02:30

Architects (UK)Devil's Island04:05

Emil BullsThe Architects Of My Apocalypse03:15

ArchitectsRunning From The Sun03:43

David BowieThru' These Architects Eyes04:22

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:55

GravewormArchitects Of Hate04:06

The Mood ArchitectsMeditation04:05

At The GatesThe Architects03:25

The Mood ArchitectsDancing On The Rings Of Saturn04:16

The Mood ArchitectsSolitude And The Night06:43

The Mood ArchitectsThe Perfect Day04:54

The Mood ArchitectsCarol Of The Bells03:56

Spirit Of The Future SunArchitects Of God03:51

Tiger TunesTheme From La Architects03:29

ArchitectsOfficer Down04:49

The Mood ArchitectsA Month Of Sundays05:49

The Mood ArchitectsAs Young As You Feel04:33

The Mood ArchitectsYalta04:23

The Mood ArchitectsSetting The Raven Free07:13

LuteceArchitects Of Doom04:19

The Mood ArchitectsStillness05:23

The Mood ArchitectsMorning Stillness06:20

The Mood ArchitectsStill Being05:51

The Mood ArchitectsMalibu By Night05:05

Knuckle BonesThe Architects03:02

The Mood ArchitectsThe Violet Flame03:19

The Mood ArchitectsCastles05:58

The Mood ArchitectsAstral Aura10:07

The Red ShoreThe Architects Of Repulsion05:19

The AgonistArchitects Hallucinate04:30

The Mood ArchitectsFlight11:56

The Mood ArchitectsHold The Light03:13

The Mood ArchitectsClouds05:25

The Mood ArchitectsWhat Child Is This?03:47

The Mood ArchitectsThe Way Home05:36

OstaraArchitects Of Ruin04:15

The Mood ArchitectsDreamland11:10

The Mood ArchitectsSailboat In The Sky03:43

Fernando ReyArchitects04:36

The Mood ArchitectsAshanti (Peace)04:16

The Mood ArchitectsStillness05:21

The Mood ArchitectsClouds05:18

The Mood ArchitectsFirefly05:35

Mass DeceptionArchitects Of Control04:02

The Mood ArchitectsThrow Caution To The Wind04:52

The Mood ArchitectsMoon Pulses06:11

The Mood ArchitectsA Little Fresh Air04:58

The Mood ArchitectsLet Your Hair Down04:47

The Mood ArchitectsStar Gazing03:51

The Mood ArchitectsOrchards Of Dreams04:51

The Mood ArchitectsWho's Who08:58

The Mood ArchitectsAnother Time, Another Place06:12

The ObsceneArchitects Of Deliverance03:32

The Mood ArchitectsWindow's Reflection09:20

The Mood ArchitectsDream Thieves02:27

The Mood ArchitectsBring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella02:52

The Mood ArchitectsA Lifetime Of Dreams03:53

The Mood ArchitectsSantosha (A Place Of Contentment)03:12

The Mood ArchitectsTwilight Drifting05:44

The Mood ArchitectsGift Of A Day04:09

The Mood ArchitectsIn Dulce Jubilo04:17

The Mood ArchitectsCastles05:59

The Mood ArchitectsSorry, I Can't Help Myself05:08

The Mood ArchitectsO Holy Night03:57

The Mood ArchitectsGood King Wenceslas04:04

The Mood ArchitectsWhispering Thoughts03:51

The Mood ArchitectsAutumn Sky06:02

The Mood ArchitectsTranquility04:10

The Mood ArchitectsCalifornia Connection03:59

The Mood ArchitectsGetting Serious04:30

The Mood ArchitectsJoseph, Dearest Joseph01:51

The Mood ArchitectsIt Came Upon A Midnight Clear04:14

The Mood ArchitectsO Come All Ye Faithful04:17

The Mood ArchitectsSlow Motion Souls Ascending04:53

The Mood ArchitectsSilent Night04:03

The Mood ArchitectsBuried Treasure05:09

The Mood ArchitectsO Little Town Of Bethlehem05:45

The Mood ArchitectsJesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring05:05

GusterArchitects & Engineers02:55

The Mood ArchitectsO Tannenbaum03:30

The Mood ArchitectsIsabella05:44

The Mood ArchitectsStill10:37

The Mood ArchitectsSlippery Martini05:56

The Mood ArchitectsNorth Star02:26

The Mood ArchitectsFor Unto Us A Child Is Born (From Handel's Messiah)03:15

The Mood ArchitectsPastorale (From Christmas Concerto Op. 6, No. 8)04:02

The Mood ArchitectsCoventry Carol03:45

The Mood ArchitectsJust A Rumour05:55

The Mood ArchitectsWhere Breathing Is Easy06:39

The Mood ArchitectsTribe Trance02:11

The Mood ArchitectsA Lifetime Of Dreams03:48

OstaraArchitects Of Ruin (Alternative Version)04:02

The Mood ArchitectsPerpetual07:47

The Mood ArchitectsThe First Noel03:19

The Mood ArchitectsLaughing Forest04:13

The Mood ArchitectsStill, Still, Still04:28

The Mood ArchitectsNo More Clichés04:34

The Mood ArchitectsMeditation04:07

Architects Music GroupGo Hard Like Vladimir Putin03:04

ArchitectsLearn To Live04:01


ArchitectsEarly Grave03:32


ArchitectsTruth, Be Told04:31


ArchitectsBlack Blood04:33

ArchitectsNaysayer (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:25

ArchitectsSilver Bullet [Bonus Track]03:05

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run04:01

ArchitectsBehind The Throne04:08

БирагьСтих без цензуры (Architects Music Group)03:34

ArchitectsDevil's Island04:06

ArchitectsHollow Crown04:24

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:56

Robin Schulz & David Guetta Feat. Cheat CodesShed A Light (We Architects Remix)03:56

ArchitectsRise Against03:51

Sky ArchitectsWe'll Never Forget This05:36

ArchitectsAn Open Letter To Myself03:16

ArchitectsEvery Last Breath03:28

Sky ArchitectsIgnite04:22

ArchitectsAll Our Gods Have Abandoned Us (2016)46:15

ArchitectsFollow The Water03:40

ArchitectsDay In Day Out (New 2010)03:06

ArchitectsFeather Of Lead02:50



Architects07. A Portrait For The Deceased04:23

Sky ArchitectsFade Out07:02

ArchitectsHeartburn (CORE Ringtone)00:33

Architects09. Low02:23

Architects03. Minesweeper03:32

We Architects & Quique TejadaSkies Collide (Original Mix)04:33

Architects08. The Darkest Tomb03:42

Atreyu, Chiodos, Blessthefall, Architects, Endless HallwayMy Own Summer (Deftones Cover)03:33


ArchitectsThe Here And Now (2011) [True Core Music]42:43

As OceansArchitects Of Scorn04:36

Sky ArchitectsWe Will Never Forget This05:36

Architects11. Save Me04:27

Architects Of EvolutionThe Continuum04:46

ArchitectsDevil's Island (CORE Ringtone) (1)00:18

ArchitectsBlack Blood03:32

Architects Of EvolutionDouble Helix03:43

ArchitectsDevil's Island04:08

ArchitectsThe Bitter End02:53

ArchitectsC.A.N.C.E.R OTIB00:19

Elliot FreshRespect The Architects03:32


Craig Townsend & Adam Weiss Pres. Dark ArchitectsArchitectuality (Yuriy From Russia Remix) [Progline Records]05:20

ArchitectsNayseyer (vocal Cover By Andrew Rodin)03:22

Theo ParrishParadise Architects06:02

ArchitectsOutsider Heart03:28

ArchitectsStay Young Forever (BREAKDOWN SHOW)01:01

Sky ArchitectsThe Procession Of Hearts (Odd Shapes Rmx)04:16

Anigye Feat Audio ArchitectsNL Boost (Remix)05:35

Sky ArchitectsThis Day On Our Side (cut From 1:15)04:23

MisfaithSex Architects04:54

Your DemiseAll I Never Want To Be (feat. Sam Carter Of Architects)02:17

Craig Townsend & Adam Weiss Pres. Dark ArchitectsArchitecuality (Alex Rusin Remix)

One More VictimArchitects Of Sanity04:10

Architects Music GroupGo Hard Like Vladimir Putin03:05

ArchitectsNumbers Count For Nothing (BREAKDOWN SHOW)00:49

Рингтон Deez NutsBand Of Brothers (Feat. Sam Carter Of Architects)

ArchitectsDaybreaker (2012) [True Core Music]40:49

Игорь БаталовArchitects03:43

ArchitectsDay In Day Out03:06

8 Dio Productions (Hybrid Tools 3)Architects Of Life05:00

Rise AgainstArchitects03:42

ArchitectsDevil's Island (Mini Vocal Cover By IcameAsRussArm)02:29

Stray From The PathFirst World Problem Child (feat. Sam Carter Of Architects)03:06

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:55

K.KingGoing To The Top!(Produced By K.King For 4 Pound Records,Architects)02:04

ArchitectsOne Of These Days (Breakdown Show / Ikiru)00:35

ArchitectsHollow Crown04:24

Dark ArchitectsAbalam (Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix) [Fraction Records] | Cut03:48

The Light IrisArchitects03:04

ArchitectsHollow Crown00:36

Mad Maxx Vs John 00 FlemmingSonic Architects08:17


ArchitectsCracks In The Earth03:22


Sky ArchitectsBreach These Walls05:13

ArchitectsIn The Desert04:05

ArchitectsDead March03:47

AtreyuThe Boys Are Back In Town (Thin Lizzy Cover) (featuring Endless Hallway Members Evan And Joe Mullen, Chiodos Vocalist Brandon Bolmer, Architects UK Singer Sam Carter And Blessthefall Vocalist Beau Bokan)04:28

Craig Townsend & Adam Weiss Pres. Dark ArchitectsArchitectuality (Sound Fusion Remix)04:25

Conor MaynardTalking About (Architects Remix) (2step) Группа »Ломаный бит«04:17

Division One (Dark Architects)Digitally Imported's 16th Anniversary Progressive Special (2015)59:52

ArchitectsIn Elegance04:16

ArchitectsHollow Crown04:24

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:15

The AgonistArchitects Hallucinate 2015 (Preview)01:00

Architects Of Insanity423408:19

ArchitectsFeather Of Lead02:52

ArchitectsThe Devil Is Near(CoreGalery)03:35

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run00:21

ArchitectsDevil's Island04:09

Architects Of InsanityUrknall03:20

ArchitectsIn Session (BBC Radio 1 On 6 March 2014)16:09

GB Feat A.M.GArchitects Music Group04:11

ArchitectsRuin (2007) [True Core Music]42:21


Radius SystemArchitects Of Yesterday07:03

Sky ArchitectsThe Steps04:53

ArchitectsThe Distant Blue (CORE Ringtone)00:43

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:55

BeatKingThe Architects (Feat. D. Carter)03:30

ArchitectsDevil's Island04:09

ArchitectsTruth, Be Told04:33

Architects Music GroupБез названия02:57

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run (CORE Ringtone)00:31

Sky ArchitectsFade Out07:02

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run04:03

ArchitectsWait And Bleed (Slipknot Cover)02:32

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run (Mini Vocal Cover By IcameAsRussArm)01:22

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:58

ArchitectsBehind The Throne04:11

Anigye Feat. Audio ArchitectsNl Boost08:08

Facepain [2013 - Constitution Of Domination]04. Architects Of Destruction06:04


Bury The KingsDespair (feat. Zachary Britt Of Dream On, Dreamer And Nathaniel Smith Of Architects Of Evolution)03:38

PrecursorArchitects Of Our Own Demise12:10


Ivan TorrentArchitects Of Life (feat. Celica Soldream)04:59

CeDigestArchitects Of Their Own Demise04:45

ArchitectsOutsider Heart03:30

Sky ArchitectsBurst07:59


Heaven Shall BurnArchitects Of The Apocalypse04:01

ArchitectsEven If You Win, You're Still A Rat03:15

ArchitectsFeather Of Lead02:50


ArchitectsDevil's Island04:09

ArchitectsDay In Day Out03:10

ArchitectsCastles In The Air (

ArchitectsDay In Day Out (cover By V.Sokolov/D.Svetlov)03:24

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run00:33

ArchitectsAlpha Omega (BlackSheep CounterAttack Cover) ✖03:50

Sky ArchitectsThe Steps04:54

ArchitectsLearn To Live00:38

ArchitectsThe Bitter End02:57

ArchitectsNaysayer (Cover By Anavae)02:33

ArchitectsTruth, Be Told04:30

Hell Scorched EarthArchitects Of Sentience03:44

ArchitectsTruth, Be Told (Кусочек от меня :) )00:38

ArchitectsNightmares (2006) [True Core Music]29:56

ArchitectsAlways (CORE Ringtone)00:43

Savage MessiahArchitects Of Fear05:14

ArchitectsFollow The Water03:40

GusterArchitects And Engineers02:58

ArchitectsHollow Crown (2009) [True Core Music]40:26

LightsI Can't See The Light (Architects Cover)02:41

ArchitectsLearn To Live (big Chocolate Remix)04:30

Architects OfficeAo 347.406:22

ArchitectsLearn To Live04:01

ArchitectsBlack Blood04:33

ArchitectsAlpha Omega (cover By -32°)03:33

Daniel P CarterArchitects In Session (29/07/2014)00:00


ArchitectsDevil's Island04:06

Dark ArchitectsArchitectuality (Alex Rusin Remix)06:33

ArchitectsThe Bitter End02:53

Architects Of InsanityArchitectural IV: Abandoned06:36

It Dies Today09. The Architects03:33

ArchitectsRise Against03:50

A.M.GA.M.G (Architects Music Group)04:15

ArchitectsC.A.N.C.E.R (Mini Vocal Training By IcameAsRussArm)00:23

Architects Of InsanityCinnamon Brains05:30

Sky ArchitectsThe Poet03:48

One More VictimArchitects Of Sanityled (

Architects Of InsanityArchitectural I: Cities15:33

NecrocosmArchitects Of Death04:27

Dark ArchitectsSensible Sessions Ep 07757:38

Spiral ArchitectsShambhala 2014 Mix Series55:35

Architects Of InsanityJosip Broz04:14

Dark ArchitectsAbalam (Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix) A Tucandeo - In Sessions 04803:37

Architects Of EvolutionHelix04:41

Forgotten SpellThe Hypocritical Architects Of Spiritual Chaos07:55

ArchitectsFeather Of Lead02:50

My Iron HeartArchitects Drafting Mountain Sketches (Feat. Jayson Vochal)06:31

DerangedArchitects Of Perversion04:04

Xingu HillThe Dark Architects07:08

Antagonist A.DYou're Killing It (Downer) (Feat. Sam Carter Of Architects)03:03

Mental ArchitectsCount To Eleven08:26

Architects Of InsanityArchitects Of Insanity06:50

ArchitectsAlpha Omega01:09

ArchitectsDevil's Island00:36

ArchitectsEarly Grave03:32

ArchitectsThe Blues03:16

My Iron HeartArchitects Drafting Mountain Sketches (Acoustic) (Feat. Aisha Polite & Jayson Vochal)05:36

ArchitectsThe Shadow Of Doubt (BREAKDOWN SHOW)00:20


The Jazz ArchitectsTertius01:24

ArchitectsThese Colours Don't Run (LEERAIN Vox Cover)04:04

ArchitectsRed Eyes (cover)04:09

ArchitectsEarly Grave (Vocal Training By IcameAsRussArm)03:32

ArchitectsStay Young Forever03:02

K.KingNalivai (Produced By K.King For 4 Pound Records,Architects)03:01

Architects Of EvolutionBeyond The Infinite04:38

ArchitectsBlack Blood (Preview)00:39

Architects Of InsanityArchitectural III: Urbanism07:50

Six Reasons To KillPerfection [2011 - Architects Of Perfection]04:50

Architects Of InsanityMind The Gap (re-edit)07:48

ArchitectsRed Eyes02:52

Sound Of GunsArchitects02:59

Sky ArchitectsReflections (Intro)01:05

IlmanThe Bitter End (Architects Cover)02:56


Dark ArchitectsAbalam (Holbrook & SkyKeeper Remix) A Mr. Pit - Universal Selection 10504:04

ArchitectsRise Against03:51

Anigye Feat. Audio ArchitectsNL Boost Original (Mastered)08:14

The EvensArchitects Sleep02:43

NuclearArchitects Of War03:06

Sky ArchitectsProcession Of Hearts05:25

Architects Of InsanityUrknall (Remix)03:57

Architects Of InsanityLa Rue De Silence07:24

Wait4aprilAn Open Letter To Myself (Architects Piano Cover)03:55

ArchitectsAlpha Omega03:15

ArchitectsOutsider Heart03:28

Architects Of EvolutionColossal02:46

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