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Musica De Baby Metal

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Canciones de Baby Metal

Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Metal, The Rock MastersRock Me Baby03:29

AbigailSweet Baby Metal Sluts03:19

Cor VelenoBaby Metal (Originale)03:45

Baby BirdMetal Waterpistol03:04

Baby LouHeavy Metal Workshop05:45

Baby MetalMegitsune04:09

BABY METALHeadbanger04:53

Baby MetalGimme Chocolate03:55

BABY METALUki Uki Midnight03:20

BABY METALWhite Love03:30

Leo MoracchioliBaby One More Time (Britney Spears Metal Cover)03:25

The Skating PartyMetal Baby (Teenage Fanclub Cover)03:13

YITT+ Wonder Girls Vs. Baby MetalAkatsuki So Lonely03:29

NekrorgasmBaby Killer (Death Metal Mix)03:29

Wednesday 13Scream Baby Scream (glam Metal/NU Metal)04:01

Justin BiebeBaby(Metal Version)03:35

Die AntwoordBaby's On Fire (Metal)03:59

Jastin BiberBaby ( Metal Cover)03:06

Leo MoracchioliBaby One More Time (metal Cover)03:22

The Beatles Play Deathe MetalCome On Baby02:39

Baby One More TimeBaby One More Time (metal Cover By Leo Moracchioli)04:30

Baby MetalIjime, Dame, Zettai06:09

The Gits & Kill Baby, Kill!Kings Of Hairy Metal05:44

Lady Gaga Ft Beyonce Vs MetalHello Hello Baby You Called I Can’t Hear A Thing I Have Got No Service In The Club, You Say? Say? Wha-wha-what Did You Say Huh? You’re Breakin’ Up On Me Sorry I Cannot Hear You I’m Kinda Busy K-kinda Busy K-kinda Busy Sorry I Cannot Hear You I’m05:26

Sonic SyndicateRevolution, Baby(Modern Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore)03:23

Metal The Vegas Wake UpBaby03:40

Baby MetalIine!04:10

Sir MixaLot (Sir Mix-A-Lot)Baby Got Back (Tekno-Metal Club Mix) - 199204:20

Baby MetalAkatsuki (Gydra Remix) Тимур Гатиятуллин (Честный)04:34

The ProdigyBaby's Got A Temper (Metal Cover)04:25

King Diamond9. Sleep Tight Little Baby - The Graveyard (1996) Heavy Metal\Denmark05:38

Eagles Of Dead MetalThe Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck01:59

Britney SpearsBaby One More Time (Leo Moracchioli Metal Cover)03:25

Jared DinesJohn Petrucci Cry Baby Wah Pedal (metal Demo)02:53

Selena GomezI Love You Like A Love Song, Baby (Heavy Metal Cover By Kenny Giron)03:22

НеизвестенBaby Got Back [Tekno-Metal Edit]04:22

Eternity WinterСнова неуйх мне делать,клепал через GTP.Похоже на какую-то грустную попсу...Скоро наверно запишу альбом "Грустная Попса"))It's Depressive Pop Metal Baby!!!))00:38

Eric CarrHeavy Metal Baby04:34

BABY Ft. Ludacris(metal)AsTeR's Guitar03:44

Justin BiberBaby(Death Metal Version)03:37

Scream Baby ScreamZombie Girl (Aqua Metal Cover)03:35

Coloured Balls19 - Bama Lama Baby (Bonus) (Heavy Metal Kid, 1974)02:51

Eric CarrHeavy Metal Baby04:34

The Dirty NilLittle Metal Baby Fist02:48

Austrian Death MachineRubber Baby Buggy Bumpers (Heavy Metal World)02:23

Krokus - Painkiller (1978)10. Bye Bye Baby04:35

Синдром СВД Feat. Die AntwoordBaby's On Fire (metal Version)03:59

Scream Baby ScreamZombie Girl (Aqua Metal Cover)03:35

Justin BeaberBaby (Death Metal Version By AndyRehfeldt)03:37

Eyes Wide ShutIce Ice Baby (Metal Remix)04:17

Frog Leap StudiosIce Ice Baby04:47

Baby MetalLine!(Remix Ellie)04:09

Brother Fox And The Tar BabyMetal Soldiers04:44

Leo MoracchioliIce Ice Baby (metal Cover)03:50

Public Image Ltd.09-Bad Baby (1979-Metal Box)04:30

Vanilla IceIce Ice Baby (Heavy Metal Version)03:27

Baby MetalDokiDoki Morning03:45

Disturbed & SNSD/Girls' GenerationBaby Maybe/Land Of Confusion (K-Pop/Metal Mix By The Night Hunter)04:52

Leo MoracchioliIce Ice Baby (metal Cover)03:50

Мнимое МножествоBaby Metal (Demo)00:58

Liquid MetalHasta La Vista, Baby! (The Attack Mix)04:47

METAL DISCOKamikaze Baby 201503:21

Britney SpearsBaby One More Time (metal Cover By Leo Moracchioli)03:22

Britney SpearsBaby One More Time (Metal Remix)03:38

Die AntwoordBaby's On Fire Metal Version03:59

Dublin Death Patrol10. Butcher Baby ( Thrash Metal ) (CBR 320 Kbps) (2012)02:48

Britney SpearsBaby One More Time (metal Cover By Leo Moracchioli)03:26

Medusa In My KnickersCheck Your Knickers Baby [Metal 2.0_2012] [Deathstep]04:46

Metal CastlePram Baby01:27

Metal Storm !!! (Temir)Austrian Death Machine / Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers02:23

Justin Bieber ( TURBODROM Cover )Metal Baby01:48

T. REX ℗1972 «Slider»01.Metal Guru 02.Mystic Lady 03.Rock On 04.The Slider 05.Baby Boomerang 06.Spaceball Ricochet 07.Buick Mackane 08.Telegram Sam 09.Rabbit Fighter 10.Baby Strange 11.Ballrooms Of Mars 12.Chariot Choogle 13.Main Man43:23

Frog Leap StudiosBaby (metal Cover By Leo Moracchioli)03:10

METAL BALLADS- Baby, I Get So Scared Inside, And I Don't Really Understand, Is It Love That's On My Mind, Or Is It Fantasy Heaven, Is In The Palm Of My Hand, And It's Waiting Here For You, What Am I Supposed To Do With A Childhood Tragedy04:44

Eagles Of Death MetalThe Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck01:59

Baby MetalAkatsuki05:16

Eagles Of Death MetalThe Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck01:59

Metal CaSTLe2 Pram 2 Baby01:36

Baby ♥ MetalKitsune00:21

Nero Argento06. Go Baby Go! ( Industrial Rock / Industrial Metal ) (320 Kbps) (2010)02:38

Baby MetalDokiDoki Morning03:45

Tenacious DBaby (Heavy Metal World)01:36

Baby MetalLine - Рингтон00:42

Justin BieberBaby(Death Metal Version)03:36

MetalCapre Diem Baby(cover)06:19

MetallicaCarpe Diem Baby (Heavy Metal World)06:12

Liquid MetalHasta La Vista, Baby! (The Attack Mix)04:48

Baby MetalOnedari Daisakusen03:11

Selena GomezLove You Like A Love Song Baby (Metal Cover)03:24

Die AntwoordBaby's On Fire (metal)02:41

Baby MetalGroul03:52

OtepBaby's Breath (NEW!!! 2011)

Eagles Of Death MetalThe Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck02:13

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake EaterRock Me Baby02:29

Coloured Balls04 - (You're So Square) Baby, I Don't Care (Heavy Metal Kid, 1974)01:46

Baby MetalFrom Dusk Till Dawn03:51

Baby One More TimeLeo Moracchioli Metal Cover04:30

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