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Musica De Coil

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Canciones de Coil

Lacuna CoilMy Demons03:56

Lacuna CoilOur Truth04:03

Lacuna CoilEnjoy The Silence (originally By Depeche Mode)04:07

Lacuna CoilBlood, Tears, Dust03:55

Lacuna CoilSwamped04:00

Lacuna CoilYou Love Me 'Cause I Hate You03:49

Lacuna CoilTrip The Darkness03:13

Lacuna CoilI Like It03:42

Lacuna CoilHeaven's A Lie04:46

Lacuna CoilStars04:37

Lacuna CoilFragments Of Faith04:10

Lacuna CoilFragile04:26

Lacuna CoilDownfall04:21

Lacuna CoilWithin Me03:38

Lacuna CoilCloser03:01

Lacuna CoilGhost In The Mist04:14

Lacuna CoilLive To Tell05:29

Lacuna CoilWhat I See03:41

Lacuna CoilDelirium03:16

Lacuna CoilTo The Edge03:21

Lacuna CoilHyperfast04:57

This Mortal CoilSong To The Siren (single Remastered)03:32

Lacuna CoilBroken Things03:59

Lacuna CoilNaughty Christmas03:21

Lacuna CoilTake Me Home03:45

Lacuna CoilSenzafine03:56

Lacuna CoilUltima Ratio04:08

Lacuna CoilClaustrophobia04:08

Lacuna CoilThe Game03:32

Lacuna CoilDevoted03:52

Lacuna CoilBreakdown03:16

Lacuna CoilHalflife05:01

CoilFire Of The Mind07:10

Lacuna CoilDaylight Dancer03:50

Lacuna CoilThe House Of Shame05:17

Lacuna CoilIn Visible Light03:59

Lacuna CoilAngel's Punishment03:56

Lacuna CoilThe Ghost Woman And The Hunter04:09

Lacuna CoilUnspoken03:37

Lacuna CoilTrance Awake02:00

Lacuna CoilHeaven's A Lie (Studio Acoustic Version)04:07

Lacuna CoilComalies05:01

Lacuna CoilYou Create01:32

Lacuna CoilEntwined03:59

This Mortal CoilSixteen Days / Gathering Dust (remastered)09:09

Lacuna CoilWithout Fear03:59

Lacuna CoilHumane04:12

Lacuna CoilSelf Deception03:32

Lacuna CoilTight Rope04:15

Lacuna CoilI Like It (Das Basslaster Mix)03:58

Lacuna CoilAeon01:56

Lacuna CoilThe Prophet Said04:32

Lacuna CoilSwamped (Radio Mix And Edit)03:46

3TEETHOblivion Coil03:07

Lacuna CoilSwamped (Studio Acoustic Version)03:39

Lacuna CoilUnspoken (Studio Acoustic Version)03:39

This Mortal CoilSong To The Siren03:35

Lacuna CoilHeaven's A Lie (Radio Mix And Edit)03:51

This Mortal CoilKangaroo (single Remastered)03:30

Lacuna CoilSenzafine (Studio Acoustic Version)03:29

This Mortal CoilAcid, Bitter And Sad05:26

This Mortal CoilStrength Of Strings (remastered)04:41

This Mortal CoilWe Never Danced03:52

This Immortal CoilRed Queen (feat. Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott)10:17

This Immortal CoilThe Dark Age Of Love (feat. Yaël Naim, Chapelier Fou, David Donatien, Christine Ott, Hannes D'Hoine, Roël Van Camp)03:39

This Immortal CoilTattoed Man (feat. Yaël Naim)04:31

This Immortal CoilLove Secret Domain (feat. Yann Tiersen, Matt Elliott)04:24

Lacuna CoilHeaven's A Lie (Live Radio Waaf Acoustic)04:01

Lacuna CoilI Like It (Dan Peace Mix)03:30

This Mortal CoilSixteen Days (Reprise) (remastered)04:13

This Mortal CoilMeniscus (remastered)02:28

This Mortal CoilIt'll End In Tears (remastered)02:50

This Immortal CoilAmber Rain (feat. Sylvain Chauveau, Han Stubbe, Roël Van Camp, Nicolas Jorio)03:12

Lacuna CoilSenzafine (Live Radio Waaf Acoustic)03:15

This Mortal CoilTears (remastered)00:22

This Mortal CoilWaves Become Wings (Remastered)04:27

This Immortal CoilTeenage Lightning (feat. Matt Elliott)07:57

Decrepit BirthIgnite The Tesla Coil (A Departure Of The Sun)06:34

This Mortal CoilAnother Day (Remastered)02:54

This Mortal CoilMorning Glory (remastered)02:57

SebadohMagnet's Coil02:27

This Mortal CoilThe Jeweller (remastered)03:16

GothministerDevil (Icon Of Coil Remix)06:10

This Immortal CoilCardinal Points (feat. DAAU, Christine Ott)05:27

Lacuna CoilAeon (Live Radio Waaf Acoustic)01:59

This Mortal CoilTarantula (remastered)04:58

This Mortal CoilIvy And Neet (remastered)04:49

This Immortal CoilOstia (feat. Bonnie Prince Billy, DAAU, Christine Ott)05:28

This Mortal CoilRuddy And Wretched (remastered)03:15

This Immortal CoilChaostrophy (feat. DAAU, Christine Ott)05:22

This Mortal CoilThe Last Ray (Remastered)03:35

This Mortal CoilDrugs (remastered)03:08

This Mortal CoilFyt (Remastered)04:24

This Mortal CoilA Heart Of Glass (remastered)03:46

RomeThis Silver Coil05:20

This Mortal CoilThais (Bird Of Paradise)04:43

This Mortal CoilThais (2) (remastered)03:13


This Mortal CoilFiligree & Shadow (remastered)01:19

This Mortal CoilDreams Are Like Water (remastered)08:37

CoilRosa Decidua04:55

MalrunSerpent's Coil (with Prelude)05:07

CoH & CoilHealth And Deficiency: Love's Septic Domain05:29

CoilThings Happen04:21


CoilCave Of Roses07:58

Lacuna CoilFalling05:36

Lacuna Coil3. Hostage To The Light (Broken Crown Halo 2014)03:49

CoilI Don't Get It05:35

This Mortal Coil (OST милые кости)Song To The Siren ( Tim Buckley)03:30

PuckyCoil (Original Mix)03:58

This Mortal CoilAnother Day02:39


Lacuna CoilI Don't Believe In Tomorrow04:11

This Mortal CoilFond Affections03:49

RomeThis Silver Coil05:20

Lacuna CoilLeaving Alone04:08

Unknown ArtistLACUNA COIL - End Of Time (OFFICIAL VIDEO)03:52

CoilLove's Secret Domain03:51

This Mortal CoilDreams Made Flesh03:48

CoilTeenage Lightning07:11

Lacuna CoilThe House Of Shame05:17

Lacuna CoilKill The Light (piano Cover)03:32

Lacuna CoilTrip The Darkness (OST Underworld 4: Awakening)03:46

Lacuna Coil10 лучших треков38:52


Icon Of CoilShelter05:53

CoilRed Queen10:58

CoilThe Dark Age Of Love (feat. Marc Almond)03:25


Sergei SpatzCoil (Alfonso Muchacho Remix)08:36

Coil2. Queens Of The Circulating Lib13:50

CoilThe First Five Minutes After Death04:45

CoilTriple Sons And The One You Bury13:58

CoilWhere Are You? (CD Musick To Play In The Dark 2, 2000)07:53

Icon Of CoilTransfer: Complete05:38

Lacuna CoilSoul Inmate03:22

CoilAmber Rain05:43

CoilMeet Murder My Angel04:03

EndevorThe Coil09:25

Lacuna CoilOne Cold Day05:04

CoilHeaven's Blade08:18

CoilGoing Up08:30


DeafheavenFrom The Kettle Onto The Coil06:36

Icon Of CoilHeadhunter (Front 242 Cover)06:10

This Mortal CoilWaves Become Wings04:29

Linkin Park Mix Lacuna CoilEnjoy The Silence03:50

CoilEnochian Calling07:30

CoilA Slip In The Marylebone Road11:00


CoilIs Suicide A Solution?06:03

Lacuna CoilSoul Into Hades04:54

CoilThe Snow06:41

CoilNature Is A Language05:37


CoilFire Of The Mind (New Orleans Mix)07:13


Lacuna CoilSwamped03:58

This Mortal CoilSixteen Days - Gathering Dust08:42

CoilI Don't Want To Be The One05:47

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