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Musica De Dr Alban

Escuchar musica online, letras de canciones, discografias, cds, albums 2017 y 2018 del artista Dr Alban.

Canciones de Dr Alban

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (Sash! RMX)03:49

Dr. AlbanNo Coke (7" Mix)03:43

Dr. AlbanBorn In Africa (Original Radio Version)03:30

Dr. AlbanOne Love (Radio Version)04:14

Dr. AlbanAway From Home (Short)03:18

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking (Long Version)05:22

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking (Short)03:13

Dr. AlbanReggae Gone Ragga04:01

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah!04:01

Dr. AlbanAway From Home03:47

Dr. AlbanI Believe03:49

Dr. AlbanOne Love04:13

Dr. AlbanHard To Choose03:54

Dr. Alban Feat. Leila K.Hello Afrika (Fast Blast Club Mix)05:37

Dr. AlbanMr. DJ (Tokapi Sash! Mix)03:40

Dr. AlbanLet The Beat Go On (Short)03:55

Dr. AlbanRoll Down Di Rubber Man05:39

Dr. AlbanHurricane (Radio Mix)03:15

Dr. AlbanCash Money03:36

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm (Radio Edit)03:16

Dr. AlbanMata Oh A Eh04:29

Dr. AlbanThis Time I'm Free (Credibility Mix)03:50

Dr. AlbanStop The Pollution (Album Version)03:41

Dr. AlbanOm We Rembwe Ike04:48

Dr. AlbanOne Love (Remix)04:31

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah! (Short)04:01

Dr. AlbanI Feel The Music03:15

Dr. AlbanU & Mi (Album Version)03:46

Dr. Alban, Kikki DanielssonvCome Along03:57

Yamboo & Scotty Feat. Dr AlbanSing Hallelujah (Scotty Remix Edit)03:31

Dr. AlbanLet The Beat Go On (Short)04:03

Dr. AlbanIntroduction01:45

Dr. AlbanGuess Who's Coming To Dinner (feat. Michael Rose)03:44

Dr. AlbanHello Afrika ('97 RMX)06:38

Dr.AlbanNo Coke (Klanghouse RMX)03:55

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah! (DJ Stevie Steve's Pizzi Edit)04:09

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm (Booster & DJ Martin Mix)03:23

Dr. AlbanHallelujah Day (Radio)03:38

Dr. AlbanSoon Come03:35

Scotty & Yamboo Feat. Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (feat. Dr. Alban) [CJ Stone Edit]03:28

Dr. AlbanProud! (To Be Afrikan)04:17

Dr. AlbanMr. DJ (R'n'b Mix)03:26

Dr. Alban, Kikki DanielssonvPapaya Coconut (PN's Dub Doctor Mix)06:59

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm (Blue Ocean Mix)03:33

Kikki DanielssonPapaya Coconut (feat. Dr Alban)03:05

Alban SkenderajMrekullia E 8 (feat. Dr. Mic) [Radio Edit]03:18

Dr. Alban, Kikki DanielssonvPapaya Coconut (Extended Mix)04:04

Dr. AlbanStop The Pollution (Album Version)03:41

Dr. AlbanMr. DJ (C&N Project Mix)08:06

Dr. AlbanGuess Who's Coming To Dinner (feat. Michael Rose) [J&J Dinner Long Mix]04:54

Dr. AlbanMr. DJ (Twin Mix)03:53

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm (2Phat Mix)03:55

Dr. AlbanU & Mi (Album Version)03:47

Dr. AlbanRock Steady (Pupulala)04:16

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life 2014 (DBN Radio Edit)02:52

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life 2014 (Roter & Lewis Radio Dub Mix)03:06

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life 2014 (DBN Extended Mix)05:00

KATO Feat. Dr. Alban, Tony T. & Carl PrittIt's My Life03:22

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah!04:00

Scotty Pres. Yamboo Feat. Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (Tom Belmond Edit)03:53

Dr. AlbanFire03:43

Dr. AlbanHard Pan DI Drums06:21

Scotty Pres. Yamboo Feat. Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (Tom Belmond Remix)04:51

Scotty Pres. Yamboo Feat. Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (CJ Stone Remix)05:16

Scotty Pres. Yamboo Feat. Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (Scotty Remix)05:50

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (Red City Vocal Remix)04:52

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life 2014 (Roter & Lewis Dub Mix)05:39

Favorite StarSing Hallelujah (Originally Performed By Dr. Alban)03:57

Scotty Pres. Yamboo Feat. Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (Scotty Edit)03:29

Basic Element Feat. Dr. AlbanGood To You (Radio Version)03:40

Dr.alban_feat_neomaster-_its_my_lifeIt's My Life04:24

Starclub Ft Dr.AlbanChiki Chiki03:23

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (1992 г.)04:03

Dr. AlbanNo Coke06:41


Дискотека 80-90-хDr. Alban - It's My Life (Dj Adem Dub Remix)05:24

Dr. AlbanIts My Life 2014 (Original Edit)04:00

Dr. AlbanLong Time Ago (Sash! Mix)03:07

Dr. AlbanThis Time I'm Free03:50

Dr. AlbanWork Work (Africa Recall Mix)02:57

Dr.AlbanEnemies (Dj Kapral Remix)04:32

Dr.AlbanI Beelive03:47

Dr. Alban 90еLong Time Ago03:29

Dr. Alban Feat. Jessica FolckerAround The World03:02

Dr. Alban & Alicia Francke BocioLoverboy (Radio Edit)03:27

Dr.AlbanWork, Work03:02

Dr. Alban Vs HaddawayI Love The 90s (Radio Edit)03:23

Dr.AlbanI Like To Move It03:35

Dr. AlbanIts My Life 90 E04:00

Dr. AlbanReggae Gone Ragga04:02

Dr.Alban*Enemies (Dj Kapral Remix 2016)*04:32

Dr Alban []Chiki Chiki Feat Star Club03:53

Dr. AlbanM1ni SounD01:53

Chawki Feat. Dr. AlbanIt's My Life03:31



Dr.AlbanLong Time Ago. ( 80е-90е)03:27

Starclub Feat. Dr. AlbanChiki Chiki03:23

Dr. AlbanOne Love (Gryaznov Exclu$ive Mix)05:02

Dr.AlbanIts My Life(Dj M.Worobyev Remix)03:02

Dr. AlbanHallelujah Day03:18

Dr. Alban & Gosia AndrzejewiczLoverboy (Новинки 2012 Http:// )03:26

Dr. AlbanHurricane (Radio Mix) (

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm!!!04:19

Dr. AlbanWork Work (Africa Recall Mix)02:57

Track 3 Dr AlbanSing Hallelujah (DJ KARP REMIX)05:12

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah03:49

Dr AlbanLong Time Ago (Sash Mix)03:07

Dr. Alban []Work, Work (Album Version)03:05

IntroDr. Alban (1993 One Love)01:45

Al Azif Vs Adam TenstaMy Cool Feat Dr. Alban03:27

Dr. AlbanHello Afrika04:55

Dr.Alban & Alicia Francke BocioLoverboy (Instrumental Radio Edit)03:26

Неизвестен026 DR. Alban - Look Who's Talking (movie Theme)05:22

Haddaway & Dr. Alban ("I Love The 90's" 2011)I Love The 90s03:26

Dr. AlbanOne Love04:14

Dr. AlbanNo Coke03:38

Dr. AlbanRock Steady [Pupulala]04:18

13/ Dr. Alban'' Born In Africa '' [Orginal Radio Version]03:30

Dr. AlbanBack To Basics (2008)41:51

Dr.Alban Vs Sash! -Hello South Africa (Rico Bernasconi & Max Farenthide Mix)===DanCe Mu$!k$ CluB===05:29

Dr.AlbanIt's My Life (Ремикс 2010)04:04

Dr. Alban (SING HALLELUJAH (SINGLE) - 2004)01. SING HALLELUJAH '2004 Radio Edit03:41

Dr.albanBorn In Afrika03:32

Dr. Alban Vs. Sash!Hello South Africa (Jake Cooper Mix)03:30

Dr.AlbanI Beelive Из 90-х. Ищи нас в контакте.03:47

Dr. AlbanI Believe03:48

Dr AlbanSing Hallelujah (DJ Alex Fresh Radio Edit) (

9. Dr.AlbanReggae Music Gonna Move Ya04:10

Dr. Alban (ONE LOVE - 1992)07. OM WE REMBWE LKE04:47

Dr. AlbanReggae Gone Ragga04:04

Sean Paul Vs. Dr. AlbanGet Busy No Coke (Svante Remix)03:10

Dr. AlbanOne Love - The Album (1992)51:15

Dr Alban & MelissaHabibi (original)03:28

Dr. AlbanHurricane (m:ret-zon Mix) [ Http://]04:38

Dr. AlbanLook Who`s Talking (Long)05:23

Dr. AlbanDon T Joke With Fire (Alternative Mix)03:09

Dr Alban, Dire Straits, DJ AntoineMoney For Life You Take (DJ Baur & DJ Nejtrino Mashup)04:40

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking 305:22

Dr AlbanIt's My Life (DJ MELNIKOFF Remix) []06:03

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life - The Album (1993)40:40

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah 2015 (Zilitik & Leslie Jr. Club Mix)04:09

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah! (Long) [Cat# Light 001]06:32

Dr. AlbanLong Time Ago (Ari's Dr. Records Radio) (1997)03:22

Dr. Alban Vs. Sash!Hello South Africa 2010 (Rico Bernasconi & Max Farenthide Radio Mix)03:16

Dr. Alban (ONE LOVE - 1992)10. ROLL DOWN DI RUBBER MAN05:38

Dr. Alban (LOOK WHO'S TALKING - 1994)01. HARD PAN DI DRUMS06:20

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm04:18

Dr.Alban Ft.StarclubChiki Chiki (ZUMA Remix) [Electro House / Electro, Club House / Vocal House] 21.07.14 []04:28

Dr. AlbanRoll Down Di Rubber Man05:42

Dr AlbanNo Coke03:44

Село і ЛюдиIt's My Life (Bon Jovi / Dr Alban)04:00

Dr.AlbanLoverboy (extended Original Mix)05:31

Dr. AlbanOm We Rembwe Ike (1993 One Love)04:50

ChawkiIt's My Life (feat. Dr. Alban) (

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking (Movie Theme)05:22

Dr.Alban Vs. Luciana, Hardwell, Joey DaleChiki Chiki (GaryEnji & Dj Alex K MashUp) (

Dr. Alban (SING HALLELUJAH (SINGLE) - 2004)04. SING HALLELUJAH '2004 Atm Sunseeker Remix03:28

Dr. AlbanThe Very Best Of 1990-1997 (1997)11:38

Dr AlbanNo Coke {OST Смешанные / Blended}06:54

Paradox Factory Feat. Dr.AlbanBeautiful People (EuroDJ Remix) [Italodance Version]03:59

StarclubChiki Chiki(feat. Dr.Alban)03:23

2-04/ Dr. Alban'' Look Who's Talking '' [Short]03:13

Dr. AlbanThe Alban Prelude01:37

Dr.AlbanSign Hallelujah04:04

Dr. AlbanHello Afrika05:46

Dr.AlbanIt's My Life (DJ.Scream Mix 200)05:05

Dr.Alban Vs.Levelle DupreeIt's My Life (A.Pavlovsky Ft.NoisyMaN Mash-Up)03:51

Paradox Factory Feat. Dr. AlbanBeautiful People (Dj Xappi Remix)03:11

Dr. Alban (WORK, WORK (SINGLE) - 2003)01. WORK, WORK Single Edit03:02

Dr. ALBANIt's My Life (remix)03:48

Dr.AlbanHard Pan Di Drums06:20

Dr AlbanLook Who`s Talking (Alexey Union & Stanislav Shik Remix)05:54

Dr. AlbanProud! (To Be Afrikan)04:19

Dr AlbanIts May Laf06:03

DR ALBAN & KATO & TONY T & CARL PRITTIt's My Life (dj Profi Extended Mix)05:06

Dr. AlbanOne Love04:14

Dr. AlbanGroove Machine 504:48

Dr. AlbanThis Time I'm Free [Todd Terry Remix Edit]04:17

Dr. AlbanRebel03:37

Dr. AlbanPush It (CD1)03:14

НеизвестенDr Alban - Look Who`s Talking (Alexey Union & Stanislav Shik Remix)00:32

06. Dr Alban - Mr. DJ (Tokapi Sash! Mix)

Dr.Alban Feat. SwingSweet Dreams (Oskol Project Freestyle Remix)03:29

Dr.Alban Vs Dj BazukaWork Sexxx ( Dj Arturik Mix 2008)05:00

DJ Karas & MC JG Feat. Dr.AlbanIts My Life (Bottleg Dub Mix)05:07

Djsimon/DjsimonNeoMaster DJ's Feat Dr.Alban - It's My Life (Club-Life 2010 MIX)06:13

► NeoMaster Dj's Feat Dr.Alban- It's My Life (Club-Life 2010 MIX)06:13

Dr. AlbanOne Love (Dragon Fly Version 1992)05:20

Dr. AlbanEnemies (short Edit)02:29

Starclub (feat Dr Alban)Chiki, Chiki03:23

Dr.AlbanIt's My Life (DJ Smash Remix '2005)06:03

Dr. AlbanIt`s My Life (Sash! Remix Long Version)06:00

Dr.AlbanBorn In Africa (Pierre J's Radio Remix)03:38

Paradox Factory Feat. Dr AlbanBeautiful People (Alex Boot Remix) [~Keepers Squad~]04:20

Dj StasDr. Alban - It´s My Life (remix)03:23

[Previev] Crew7 & Dr. AlbanChiki Chiki (DJ S-Nike Mash Up)01:01

Dr AlbanNo Coke03:13


Dr.Alban Feat. MelissaSombody Call My Name (Habibi)03:45

Dr. AlbanHard To Choose03:55

Paradox Factory Feat Dr AlbanBeautiful People ( Wellski Remix )05:43

Dr. Alban Vs. HaddawayI Love The 90's (Radio Edit)03:26

Dr. AlbanMusic In Me03:11

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking03:16

Dr. AlbanHabibi (Feat Melissa) (Marocane Remix)03:45

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking03:13

Dr. AlbanLong Time Ago03:36

Dr. AlbanMr. Dj03:36

DR. AlbanLook Who's Talking (movie Theme)05:22

Dr. AlbanMountains03:18

Sash! Ft. Dr.AlbanColor The World03:34

Sean Paul Vs. Dr. AlbanGet Busy No Coke (Svante Remix)03:10

Paradox Factory Feat. Dr. AlbanBeautiful People (oneBYone Remix)03:45


Dr ALBANBorn In Africa03:32


Dr. AlbanLet The Beat Go On03:57

Dr. AlbanThank You04:22

Dr. AlbanRaggamuffin Girl03:35

Dr. AlbanColour The World03:39

Dr. AlbanHumpty Dumpty02:35

Dr. AlbanAwillawillawillahey04:15

Dr. AlbanCoco Jambo05:04

Dr AlbanAlabalaba03:18

DJ Aligator Project Feat. Dr. AlbanI Like To Move It (Classified Mix)05:46

Dr.AlbanIts My Life (рингтон)00:29


DR. ALBANIT'S MY LIFE Club Edit04:07


Dr. AlbanOm We Rembwe Ike04:50

~ Dr. AlbanI Believe03:48

Dr. AlbanU & Mi03:48

Dr. AlbanSingle Searching (Back To Basics 2008)03:18

Dr AlbanNo Coke06:44

Dr. Alban (ONE LOVE - 1992)13. IT'S MY LIFE Club Edit04:07

Dr. AlbanLet The Beat Go On (Long Versi05:29

Dr. AlbanFeel The Rhythm04:19

Dr. AlbanGet Up03:04

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah (Long)06:31

DR.ALBANONE LOVE Part 2 (DJ Demon-Rus RMX)03:35

Мармарис! улица баров!!!))Its My Life (feat Dr Alban And Carl Pritt)03:22

Dr. AlbanU & Mi (((`_`))) ~ EUROBEAT ☼ CXODKA ~ (((`_`))) Club- 16530832 ☼03:46

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (DJ Default Mix)07:06

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (Ural Djs Remix)05:45

3. Dr. Alban'' Sing Hallelujah! ''04:25

Dr AlbanChiki Chiki (feat. Starclub)03:53

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking (Sergey Zar Radio Remake)03:23

Al Azif Vs Adam TenstaMy Cool Feat Dr. Alban03:27

Dj Red & Dr.Alban & Sean PaulPick It Up (2007) Mix03:45

Dr. AlbanWork Work03:03

Dr Alban - (feat Melissa)Habibi(Feat Melissa)03:31

Sash! Feat. Dr.AlbanColor The World03:34

FinaL\Sony_3\~>>21~Dr.Alban_it's My Life_dj Toll Mix05:48

Starclub Ft.dr. AlbanChikі Chikі03:23

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking (Long)04:43

Dr. AlbanAway From Home03:50

Dr. AlbanGo See The Dantist04:40

Starclub Feat DR. AlbanCHIKI CHIKI03:23

█▓▒░Dr Alban░▒▓█It's My Life 2012 (DJ MELNIKOFF Remix)06:03

Dr. AlbanLong Time Ago03:29

Dr. AlbanNo Coke06:43

Dr. AlbanLook Who's Talking05:21

Bon JoviIt's My Life (Dr.Alban Cover)03:42

Dr AlbanIts My Life Vs. No Coke (Martik C Rmx)05:02

Dr. AlbanSweet Reggae Music05:28

Dr. AlbanChina Man [1991]05:04

Basic Element Feat. Dr. AlbanGood To You (Radio Version) [Dance Music - Http://]03:38

DR. ALBANSING HALLELUJAH! Original 12'' Mix04:00

Dr. AlbanThen I Fell In Love03:11

Dr. AlbanHello Afrika05:48

Dr. AlbanThe One03:04

Dr.Alban -Sing Hallelujah 200403:28

M:ret-zon Feat Dr. AlbanSummerday (Freddz Radio Mix)03:50

Dr. AlbanU & Me03:49

Dr. AlbanSing Hallelujah! [Eastermix Remix]07:27

Dr. AlbanReggae Gone Ragga04:04

Dr. AlbanLoverboy (Extended Original Mix)05:31

Неизвестный исполнитель1.kla / Schokk / царь Underwhat ? Z (63 регион) трофим (сергей трофимов) подружкам... такой трахаю её у себя на диванчике) Freddie Mercury (queen) Mainstream One Loc-dog 2010 002_superboyz Dr. Alban для любимой моей сестренки любимый мой:* мо03:07

Paradox Factory Feat. Dr. AlbanBeautiful People (Andy Wait Remix)04:35

Dr. AlbanFire (1994 Look Whos Talking)03:45

Paradox Factory Feat. Dr. AlbanBeautiful People (

Dr. AlbanLook Who`s Talking (Long)05:23

Dr.albanLet The Beat Go On04:02

НеизвестенDJ SSV & Dr. Alban- Sing Halleluja04:15


Dr. AlbanGroove Machine II02:09

Dr. AlbanNo Coke (Dj Nejtrino & Dj Baur Cocaine Cut) []03:45

1234RADIO DFM – Club Dance 2014 | Dr. Alban - Its My Life 2014 (DBN Radio Edit)02:52

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (Dj Melnikoff Remix)06:03

Dr. Alban Vs. Sash!Hello South Africa (Cisco Disco Mix)05:52

Dr. AlbanAway From Home02:33

Elephant Man, Adam Tensta & Dr. AlbanCool Dance (Al Azif & NeYaLion Refix) [Low Quality Bootleg]04:13

Starclub Feat Dr AlbanChiki Chiki (Interphace Radio03:53

Dr.AlbanReggae Gone Ragga04:03

076_Neomaster Feat. Dr.AlbanIts My Life04:24

Dr. AlbanBorn In Africa03:31

Dr.AlbanRagga Music (Al'Shami Prod.)00:40

Dr. AlbanLong Time Ago (sash.mix)03:07

Dr. Alban - FreedomБез названия03:36

Dr.AlbanNo Coke03:43

BabyCham Vs Dr Alban?02:04

Dr Alban & MelissaHabibi (original)03:28

StarclubChiki Chiki (feat. Dr. Alban)03:23

Kato Feat. Dr.Alban, Tony T And Carl PrittIt's My Life (Radio Edit 2010)03:22

Dr. AlbanAngela04:50

Dr.AlbanFreedom (Reggae Dub Plate Remix)03:54

Dr AlbanLet The Beat Go On04:00

Dr. AlbanTalk About Love03:29

Dr. AlbanPlastic Smile03:46

Dr.AlbanLook Who"s Talking04:08

Dr. AlbanIt's My Life (neomaster Remix)04:19

Record |СуперДискотЕка 90-х| Dr. AlbanHard To Choose (Radio Record) Http://

Dr. AlbanGuess Who Coming To Dinner (C&N Project Mix)04:55

Dr. AlbanHurricane (Mret-zon Mix) (

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