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Musica De Foreigner

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Canciones de Foreigner

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is (Remastered)04:59

FOREIGNERCold As Ice02:35

HozierForeigner's God03:45

ForeignerWaiting For A Girl Like You04:08

ForeignerCold As Ice (Remastered Version)03:19

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home02:56

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is (Remastered)05:04

смит Ft Малне предлагай мне[Galactic Foreigner ]03:46

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is (OST "Rock Of Ages" Tom Cruise, Malin Akerman)03:30

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is06:06

ForeignerWaiting For A Girl Like You (Recorded 2011)04:48

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is (2008 Remastered Version)05:01


ForeignerJuke Box Hero (Single Version)04:03

ForeignerBlinded By Science04:55

ForeignerHot Blooded (Single Version )03:05

ForeignerI Keep Hoping05:10

ForeignerUntil The End Of Time04:52

ForeignerDirty White Boy03:38

ForeignerHand On My Heart04:57

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home (2008 Remastered Version)02:55


ForeignerDouble Vision03:57

ForeignerReal World06:20

ForeignerI'll Fight For You06:03

ForeignerRunning The Risk05:09

ForeignerHeart Turns To Stone04:10

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is (Recording 2011)04:45

ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day New03:13

Tommy MelodyI Want To Know What Love Is (Karaoke Version) [Originally Performed By Foreigner]05:14

ForeignerUnder The Gun04:18

ForeignerCan't Slow Down03:27

ForeignerHead Games03:37

Acoustic CoversCold As Ice (Acoustic Version) [Foreigner Cover]03:33

ForeignerThat Was Yesterday05:49

ForeignerLove On The Telephone03:17

ForeignerGive My Life For Love03:57

ForeignerHot Blooded (Live Version)06:56

ForeignerThe Flame Still Burns (Acoustic)04:58

ForeignerSafe In My Heart04:33

ForeignerDown On Love04:09

ForeignerHole In My Soul05:07

ForeignerFool For You Anyway04:21

ForeignerShe's Too Tough03:10

ForeignerI Have Waited So Long04:07

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is07:31

ForeignerFeels Like The First Time (Edit)03:28

ForeignerUrgent (Re-Recorded 2011)04:30


ForeignerJuke Box Hero08:12

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home03:22

ForeignerAll I Need To Know04:44


ForeignerA Love In Vain04:31

ForeignerFace To Face03:56

ForeignerWhen It Comes To Love04:26

ForeignerI Can't Give Up04:36

ForeignerLowdown And Dirty04:22

Cat StevensForeigner Suite18:16

ForeignerI Don't Want To Live Without You03:36

Lullaby Kid BizWaiting For A Girl Like You (Originally Performed By Foreigner) [Soft Rock Piano Version]04:43

ForeignerDo What You Like03:58

ForeignerCounting Every Minute04:12

ForeignerI'm Gonna Win04:53

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home03:15

ForeignerOut Of The Blue04:44


ForeignerJukebox Hero05:48

ForeignerFeels Like The First Time06:39

ForeignerTooth And Nail03:57

ForeignerI Don't Want To Live Without You03:57

ForeignerCold As Ice (Re-Recorded 2011)03:14

ForeignerInside Information04:12

ForeignerStranger In My Own House05:05

ForeignerA Night To Remember04:08

ForeignerReaction To Action03:32


The Karaoke ChannelThat Was Yesterday (Originally Performed By Foreigner) [Karaoke Version]03:40

ForeignerDouble Vision (Acoustic)03:33

Johnny ForeignerTo The Death03:31

Sing Karaoke SingI Want To Know What Love Is (Karaoke Version) [Originally Performed By Foreigner]05:04

The Karaoke A TeamFeels Like The First Time (Originally Performed By Foreigner) [Karaoke Version]03:37

ForeignerUnusual Heat04:32

ForeignerTwo Different Worlds04:31


Johnny ForeignerLe Sigh02:27

ForeignerWoman Oh Woman03:48

ForeignerReady For The Rain05:04



ForeignerLove Has Taken Its Toll03:29

ForeignerJuke Box Hero [Nearly Unplugged Version]03:06

ForeignerHeart Turns To Stone04:11

ForeignerWhite Lie (Single Version)04:15

ForeignerOnly Heaven Knows04:48

Rock Backing Track Golden BandCold As Ice (Originally Performed By Foreigner) [Karaoke Version]02:57

ForeignerCan't Wait04:31

ForeignerFace To Face03:56

FOREIGNERCold As Ice02:35

ОХОТА \ БЕРРЁХОВ берлоге была спячка (galactic Foreigner & синусбит Instr.)03:08

ForeignerStarrider (Acoustique: The Classics Unplugg, 2011)04:30

ForeignerGrowing Up The Hard Way04:12


1.АргентинАForeigner – Cold As Ice (A.Skillz & Nick Thayer Bootleg) (

♫♪ Johnny ForeignerSalt, Peppa And Spinderella03:06

ForeignerUnder The Gun04:18

Supernatural - 4x13Foreigner - Long, Long Way From Home02:54

ForeignerWhen It Comes To Love (Could've Been You)03:38

ForeignerA Night To Remember04:09

форинерForeigner - Blinded By Science04:55

ForeignerOnly Heaven Knows04:49

De VisionForeigner03:40

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home (OST Supernatural)02:55

ForeignerLowdown And Dirty04:21

* Foreigner - 84Growing Up The Hard Way04:13

ForeignerI'll Fight For You06:03

ForeignerBack Where YOu Belong03:15

ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day (!!!)03:07

ForeignerThe Flame Still Burns (The Classics Unplugged)04:58


ForeignerDon't Let Go03:58

ForeignerCold As Ice (A.Skillz & Nick T00:44

ForeignerI'll Be Home Tonight04:14

Johnny ForeignerDark Harbourzz02:00

ForeignerHand On My Heart04:58

ForeignerInside Information (1987) By Alister W.43:08

ПандаСевер не верит [ Galactic Foreigner Prod.]02:20

ForeignerI'm Gonna Win04:53

Zefir EfimovCold As Ice (Foreigner)03:38

ForeignerTwo Different Worlds04:31

ForeignerCounting Every Minute04:12

Ahzee Vs ForeignerCold As A Jumper (BVDS Mashup)(public74297679)04:22

ForeignerHead Games03:39

Ярослав ТкаченкоBlinded By Science (cover Foreigner)04:36

Johnny ForeignerSalt, Peppa And Spinderella02:54

ForeignerWaiting For A Girl Like You03:55

DeVisionForeigner (Radio Edit)03:38

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home02:56

ForeignerForeigner (Bstudio Cut Diplo And Friends)04:19

ForeignerBlinded By Science04:54


Kenneth CruzForeigner (Original Mix)05:02




FOREIGNER (can T Slow Down) 2009гTrack 303:53

ForeignerFace To Face03:44


ForeignerWhen It Comes To Love (Could've Been You)03:39

ForeignerDown On Love04:07

ForeignerLove On The Telephone03:00

♪♯♫ ForeignerI Keep Hoping05:10

George Harrison BBC Radio One, 9 February 1979Michael Jackson And George Discuss "Blue Morning Blue Day" By Foreigner.02:37

ForeignerReaction To Action03:59

ForeignerI Don't Want To Live Without You03:57

FOREIGNERI Have Waited So Long04:07

Foreigner - Can't Slow Down 2009Living In A Dream03:42

ForeignerI Can't Give Up04:29

ForeignerI'll Fight For You06:03

Foreigner (USA) (AOR)Running The Risk (1995)05:09

Cherry Prod. / Galactic ForeignerSpace ( FREE )01:08

ForeignerI Just Died In Your Arms Tonight04:41

ForeignerWhen The Night Comes Down04:45

FOREIGNERUrgent (Jay'Ks CoolHouse Mix)04:49

ForeignerCan't Slow Down (2009) By Alister W.49:56

Bon JoviYou Give Love A Bad Name -Kelly Hanson Of Hurricane And Foreigner03:43

FOREIGNER (can T Slow Down) 2009гTrack 1203:32

Chris Ousey & Troy ReidPrisoner Of Love (Foreigner Cover) (2001)05:42

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is (Alex Seleznev Remix)03:47

ForeignerThat Was Yesterdey03:47

ForeignerReady For The Rain05:03

Foreigner(1987)Say You Will04:01

ForeignerI Want To Know What Love Is01:26

ForeignerMoment Of Truth04:26

Johnny ForeignerOur Bipolar Friends03:19



Эдипов комплексForeigner05:35

Little Indian Feat. The ForeignerOne Little Indian (Buckwild's Remix)03:51

Foreigner – Double Vision (1978)02. Blue Morning, Blue Day03:10


ForeignerFool For You Anyway04:16

ForeignerCan't Wait04:31

ForeignerStranger In My Own House05:05

ForeignerThe Modern Day03:26

VozvysHМузыка - это не ваше (Foreigner – As Cold As Ice) [BeatBox Version]04:14

ForeignerHeart Turns To Stone (1987)04:23

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home 197702:56

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home (OST Supernatural 4.13,5.02)02:55

ForeignerFool For You Anyway04:04

ForeignerI Keep Hoping05:11

ForeignerDouble Vision03:32

Johnny ForeignerSalt, Peppa And Spinderella02:54

Johnny Foreigner (Shameless OST)Absolute Balance04:59

Diane ArkenstoneThe Foreigner06:07

ForeignerDouble Vision (minus)03:41

Cat StevensForeigner Suite03:48

ForeignerStranger In My Own House05:05

ForeignerFeels Like The First Time04:05

Johnny ForeignerStop Talking About Ghosts02:30

Galafo, вячеславычбольная тема ( Galactic Foreigner )01:54

ForeignerBlinded By Science04:33

ForeignerRev On The Red Line03:41

ForeignerTwo Different Worlds04:31

ForeignerInside Information (1987)04:12

ForeignerLong Long Way From Home(обрезана)01:00

ForeignerNight Life03:14

ForeignerLong, Long Way From Home02:56

Rock Ballads (Wynonna Judd & Jeff Beck)Cover Foreigner - I Want To Know What Love Is05:41

Johnny ForeignerNew Street, You Can Take It03:58

Johnny ForeignerShipping03:03


ForeignerUrgent ( DJ BURLAK MASH UP )07:32

Chris OuseyCold As Ice [Foreigner]03:16

Johnny ForeignerHennings Favourite03:23

Galactic Foreignerинтерлюдия #101:33


ForeignerI Wanna Know What Love Is (Holmes Price Edit)05:40

Эззи(Orenbit4_round_1) (prod. Galactic Foreigner)01:23

ForeignerForeigner – Cold As Ice (Dj Paul Remix 2014).mp303:39

ForeignerPrisoner Of Love05:13

ForeignerLowdown And Dirty04:22

ForeignerDon't Let Go03:48

Johnny ForeignerSecurity To The Promenade02:40

ForeignerShe's Too Tough03:10

Foreigner – Double Vision (1978)10. Spellbinder04:49

ForeignerI'm Gonna Win04:55

Johnny ForeignerSalt, Pepper And Spinderella02:54

SpodeeForeigner (Prod. FKi)04:06

ForeignerLove On The Telephone03:14

ForeignerUntil The End Of Time04:51

ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day [A]03:12

ForeignerLove Isn't Always On Time03:58

ForeignerWhen It Comes To Love (Could've Been You)03:39

ForeignerHeart Turns To Stone04:10

Lou Gramm ( Foreigner )Midnight Blue03:57

Disfigured EleganceThe Foreigner01:53

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