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Musica De Jim Reeves

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Canciones de Jim Reeves

Jim ReevesOh, How I Miss You Tonight02:08

Jim ReevesMoon River02:28

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:32

Jim ReevesThis World Is Not My Home02:46

Jim ReevesBorn To Be Lucky01:28

Jim ReevesRoses Are Red (My Love)02:48

Jim ReevesIt's Only A Paper Moon02:17

Jim ReevesTake My Hand, Precious Lord02:21

Jim ReevesAdios Amigo02:30

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:17

Jim Reeves & Patsy ClineHave You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)02:33

Jim ReevesThe Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees02:13

Jim ReevesMoonlight And Roses (Brings Memories Of You)02:28

Jim ReevesI Guess I'm Crazy02:22

Jim ReevesAnna Marie02:29

Jim ReevesC-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S02:47

Jim ReevesThe One That Got Away02:36

Jim ReevesA Beautiful Life02:12

Jim ReevesGive Me One More Kiss02:33

Jim ReevesMaria Elena02:39

Jim ReevesDistant Drums02:50

Jim ReevesO Little Town Of Bethlehem02:17

Jim ReevesBlue Skies02:43

Jim ReevesI Love You Because02:44

Jim ReevesFour Walls02:48

Jim ReevesI've Lived A Lot In My Time02:41

Jim ReevesJingle Bells01:48

Jim ReevesTeach Me How To Pray01:39

Jim ReevesWhen I Lost You02:32

Jim ReevesBlue Christmas02:15

Jim ReevesMay The Good Lord Bless And Keep You02:35

Jim ReevesAn Evening Prayer (Remastered)02:31

Jim ReevesOnce Upon A Time02:36

Jim ReevesI'm Gonna Change Everything02:03

Jim ReevesMissing You02:36

Jim ReevesLook Behind You (I'll Be There)02:31

Jim ReevesAm I Losing You02:45

Jim ReevesThe Writing's On The Wall02:46

Jim ReevesDrinking Tequilla02:44

Jim ReevesThe Tie That Binds02:49

Jim ReevesI Love You More02:26

Jim ReevesTake Me In Your Arms And Hold Me02:45

Jim ReevesI Won't Forget You02:00

Jim ReevesDark Moon02:37

Jim ReevesAnna Marie02:31

Jim ReevesWhen Two Worlds Collide02:10

Jim ReevesYou're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me)02:20

Jim ReevesThe Search Is Ended02:19

Jim ReevesMy Mary02:03

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:34

Jim ReevesRoly Poly01:42

Jim ReevesA Letter To My Heart02:42

Jim ReevesHome02:00

Jim ReevesAnna Marie02:30

Jim ReevesScarlet Ribbons02:18

Jim ReevesWhite Christmas03:13

Jim Reeves(Gimme That) Old Time Religion (Live)01:55

Jim ReevesAnna Marie02:15

Jim ReevesGuilty03:10

Jim ReevesMen With Broken Hearts02:24

Jim ReevesIt Is No Secret (What God Can Do)02:55

Jim ReevesLet Me Love Just A Little02:44

Jim ReevesGood Night Irene02:47

Jim ReevesOld Fashioned Rag (Jamie Uys Films Presents "Kimberley Jim" An Emil Nofal Productio)02:17

Jim ReevesEverywhere You Go01:50

Jim ReevesA Woman's Love02:50

Jim ReevesBut You Love Me, Daddy02:09

Jim ReevesHow Can I Write On Paper (What I Feel In My Heart)02:26

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:36

Jim ReevesHe Will02:39

Jim ReevesBlue Side Of Lonesome02:45

Jim ReevesAnnabel Lee02:36

Jim ReevesI Love To Say I Love You (Theme Of Love)02:07

Jim ReevesPartners02:14

Jim ReevesSilent Night03:11

Jim ReevesSnowflake02:08

Jim ReevesCould I Be Falling In Love02:46

Jim ReevesHoney, Won't You Please Come Home02:02

Jim ReevesI've Got Just The Thing For You02:14

Jim ReevesI Missed Me02:33

Jim ReevesCharmaine02:08

Jim ReevesI've Never Been So Blue02:45

Jim ReevesHighway To Nowhere03:07

Jim ReevesThe Merry Christmas Polka02:18

Jim ReevesA Beautiful Life02:13

Jim ReevesThis Is It03:09

Jim ReevesHome01:57

Jim ReevesBe Honest With Me02:22

Jim ReevesYou're The Only Good Thing (That's Happened To Me)02:20

Jim ReevesI'm Gettin' Better02:15

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:18

Jim ReevesAnnabel Lee02:38

Jim ReevesI Know (And You Know)02:06

Jim ReevesYonder Comes A Sucker02:36

Jim ReevesRoses02:30

Jim ReevesAm I That Easy To Forget (Overdub Version)02:29

Jim ReevesBolandse Nooientjie02:01

Jim ReevesEverywhere You Go (Live)01:47

Jim Reeves(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I02:11

Jim ReevesToo Many Parties And Too Many Pals02:37

Jim ReevesAn Old Christmas Card02:48

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:20

Jim ReevesThe Blizzard03:24

Jim ReevesMary Marry Me02:53

Jim ReevesWhite Christmas03:14

Jim Reeves03.You Belong To Me02:33

Jim ReevesBlue Boy02:12

Jim ReevesDrinking Tequila02:40

11. Jim ReevesOh Come All Ye Faithful (12 Songs Of Christmas - 1963)02:03

Jim ReevesWhen You Are Gone02:53

Jim Reeves, Roy Orbison, Patsy Cline Bles Bridges, Jim Croce,etc.What A Wonderfull World - Louis Armstrong02:17

Jim ReevesSenor Santa Claus02:25

Jim ReevesO Come All Ye Faithful02:03

3. Jim ReevesSenor Santa Claus (12 Songs Of Christmas - 1963)02:23

Jim ReevesAn Old Christmas Card02:46

Jim ReevesBlue Side Of Lonesome03:21

Jim ReevesOklahoma Hills01:42

Jim ReevesMary's Boy Child03:11

Jim ReevesIn The Misty Moonlight02:36

Jim ReevesScarlet Ribbons02:23

Jim ReevesWhite Christmas03:15

Jim ReevesAn Old Christmas Card02:49

Jim ReevesThere's That Smile Again02:31

Jim ReevesStreets Of Laredo03:06

Jim ReevesThe Merry Christmas Polka02:21

Jim Reeves06.Shall We Gather At The River (Mother Went A Walkin')02:40

Jim Reeves07.Tweedle O'Twill02:08

Jim ReevesJimbo Jenkins02:25

Jim ReevesLinda02:12

Jim ReevesI Was Just Walking Out The Door02:14

Jim ReevesI Know One (Live)01:44

Jim ReevesPartners02:12

Jim ReevesBeyond The Shadow Of A Doubt (Live)02:04

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:18

Jim ReevesHave Thine Own Way, Lord03:05

Jim ReevesTwo Shadows On Your Window (*)02:20

Jim ReevesYoung Hearts02:01

Jim ReevesButterfly Love02:50

Jim ReevesWaltzing On Top Of The World02:22

Jim ReevesOklahoma Hills02:25

Jim ReevesMexican Joe02:36

Jim ReevesTrouble In The Amen Corner03:00

ProSound Karaoke BandBimbo (In The Style Of Jim Reeves) [Karaoke Instrumental Version]01:47

Ameritz Audio KaraokeLook Who's Talking (In The Style Of Jim Reeves & Dottie West) [Karaoke Version]02:22

Jim ReevesEk Verlang Na Jou02:00

Jim ReevesLinda02:15

Jim ReevesAm I That Easy To Forget02:32

Jim ReevesHow Many?02:39

Jim ReevesMargie02:06

Jim ReevesWe Could03:04

Jim ReevesWagon Load Of Love02:30

Jim ReevesLet Me Love You Just A Little02:48

Jim ReevesWhat's In It For Me02:28

Jim ReevesOld Tige02:55

Jim ReevesSatan Can't Hold Me02:25

Jim ReevesMy Juanita01:57

Jim ReevesAm I Losing You? (Live)02:31

Jim ReevesLittle Ole You02:24

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go04:20

Jim ReevesHome (Live)02:10

Jim ReevesSilver Bells02:09

Jim ReevesThe Padre Of Old San Antone02:02

Playin' BuzzedI Missed Me (Official Bar Karaoke Version In The Style Of Jim Reeves)02:36

Jim ReevesAccording To My Heart02:37

Jim ReevesMy Mary02:04

The Karaoke A-TeamAm I Losing You (Originally Performed By Jim Reeves) [Karaoke Version]02:39

Jim ReevesHow's The World Treating You (Live)03:03

Playin' BuzzedFor The Good Times (Official Bar Karaoke Version In The Style Of Jim Reeves)03:36

Jim ReevesI'm A Fool To Care02:28

Playin' BuzzedI Guess I'm Crazy (Official Bar Karaoke Version In The Style Of Jim Reeves)02:27

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:18

Jim ReevesI Love You (feat. Ginny Wright)02:31

Jim ReevesDark Moon02:36

ProSound Karaoke BandAm I Losing You? (In The Style Of Jim Reeves) [Karaoke Instrumental Version]02:43

Jim ReevesIn The Garden02:17

Jim ReevesIf Heartache Is The Fashion02:28

Jim ReevesMay The Good Lord Bless And Keep You02:36

Jim ReevesIchabod Crane02:18

Jim Reeves(Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I02:13

Jim ReevesNeed Me02:23

Jim ReevesHeart Breaking Baby02:45

Jim ReevesStand At Your Window02:15

Jim ReevesMaking Believe02:12

Jim ReevesIf Heartaches Are The Fashion (Live)02:32

Jim ReevesBreeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)01:54

Jim ReevesI Know One02:01

Jim ReevesWishful Thinking02:00

Jim ReevesI'm Hurtin' Inside02:26

Playin' BuzzedHow's The World Treating You (Official Bar Karaoke Version In The Style Of Jim Reeves)02:43

Jim ReevesAdios Amigo02:32

Jim ReevesMarie01:57

Jim ReevesWhispering Hope03:03

Jim ReevesThe Flowers, The Sunset, The Trees02:14

Jim ReevesMarie01:55

Jim ReevesHow Long Has It Been02:26

Jim ReevesMy Lips Are Sealed02:39

Jim ReevesBimbo02:47

Jim ReevesDrinking Tequila02:45

Jim ReevesMona Lisa02:34

The Karaoke ChannelAdios Amigo (In The Style Of Jim Reeves) [Karaoke Version]02:29

Jim ReevesButterfly Love02:50

Jim ReevesCharmaine02:08

The Karaoke ChannelI Guess I'm Crazy (Originally Performed By Jim Reeves) [Karaoke Version]02:27

Jim ReevesPenny Candy02:29

Jim ReevesDrinking Tequila02:45

Playin' BuzzedYou're Free To Go (Official Bar Karaoke Version In The Style Of Jim Reeves)02:08

Jim Reeves & Dottie WestLove Is No Excuse02:33

Jim ReevesSomeday (You'll Want Me To Want You)02:24

Jim ReevesDrinking Tequila02:41

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:17

Jim ReevesMexicali Rose02:27

Jim ReevesTeardrops In My Heart02:32

Jim ReevesHome01:55

Jim ReevesLook Behind You02:16

Jim ReevesWhere We´ll Never Grew Old02:21

Jim ReevesIs It Really Over?02:13

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:17

Jim ReevesMy Lips Are Sealed02:23

Jim ReevesJimbo Jenkins02:28

Jim ReevesIt Hurts So Much (To See You Go)02:08

Jim ReevesI Could Cry02:57

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:24

Jim ReevesWhispering Hope03:06

10. Jim ReevesMary's Boy Child (12 Songs Of Christmas - 1963)03:12

Jim ReevesYou Kept Me Awake Last Night02:01

Jim Reeves – Distant Drums Label:RCA Victor – LSP-3542 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo Country:Germany Released:1966 Genre:Folk, World, & CountryB1 This Is It 3:03 B2 Not Until The Next Time 2:42 B3 Good Morning Self 2:20 B4 Where Does A Broken Heart Go? 2:46 B5 Overnight 1:57 B6 The Gods Were Angry With Me 2:2515:14

Jim ReevesHe'll Have To Go02:17

Jim ReevesI Missed Me02:32

Half Man Half BiscuitI Love You Because (You Look Like Jim Reeves)03:15

Jim ReevesI Can't Stop Loving You02:49

Jim Reeves – Distant Drums Label:RCA Victor – LSP-3542 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo Country:Germany Released:1966 Genre:Folk, World, & CountryA1 Distant Drums 2:46 A2 Is It Really Over? 2:11 A3 I Missed Me 2:31 A4 Snow Flake 2:08 A5 A Letter To My Heart 2:39 A6 Losing Your Love 2:1514:40

Jim ReevesBlue Skies02:47

Jim ReevesWreck Of The Number Nine02:17

Jim ReevesPartners02:12

Jim ReevesI Won't Forget You02:03

Patsy Cline Feat. Jim ReevesHave You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)02:12

Jim ReevesThere'll Be Bluebirds Over The White Cliffs Of Dover02:54

Jim ReevesBlue Boy02:15

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:25

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:34

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:39

Jim ReevesIt Is No Secret (What God Can Do)02:57

Jim ReevesJust Call Me Lonesome02:17

Jim ReevesIt's Only A Paper Moon02:14

Jim ReevesWhite Christmas03:07

Jim ReevesJingle Bells01:50

Jim ReevesThe Blizzard03:21

8. Jim ReevesC-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s (12 Songs Of Christmas - 1963)02:46

Jim ReevesSnowflake02:13

Jim ReevesDolly With The Dimpled Knees01:11

Jim ReevesGood Night Irene02:51

Jim ReevesThere's A Heartache Following Me02:12

Jim ReevesDistant Drums03:08

Jim ReevesBlue Canadian Rockies02:39

Jim ReevesMake The World Go Away02:25

Jim ReevesOn The Wings Of A Snow White Dove02:12

Jim ReevesRoses Are Red02:50

Jim ReevesWaiting For A Train02:06

Jim ReevesMoonlight And Roses.02:28

Jim ReevesBimbo02:46

Jim ReevesYoung Hearts02:03

Jim ReevesPut Your Sweet Lips02:20

Jim ReevesJingle Bells01:50

Jim ReevesSeven Miles To Homme03:20

Jim Reeves09.Ichabod Crane02:18

Jim ReevesTrue02:33

Jim ReevesFour Walls02:53

Jim ReevesRoses Are Red02:47

Jim ReevesI'm Gettin' Better02:17

Jim ReevesGolden Memories And Silver Tears02:45

Jim ReevesJingle Bells01:52

Jim ReevesHome02:01

Jim ReevesIf Heartaches Are The Fashion02:22

Jim ReevesSnow Flake01:43

Jim Reeves...Ара мы эту песню пели у СюзанSilver Bells02:54

Jim ReevesBlue Christmas03:09

Jim Reeves & Patsy KlineHave You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue) - 196202:56

Jim ReevesOh How I Miss You Tonight02:11

Jim ReevesMissing Angel02:09

Jim ReevesThere's A New Moon Over My Shoulde02:36

Jim ReevesOne Dozen Roses01:53

Jim ReevesI Won't Forget You02:09

Jim ReevesFour Walls02:53

Jim ReevesI've Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand_02:26

Jim ReevesMemories Are Made Of This02:21

1. Jim ReevesJingle Bells (12 Songs Of Christmas - 1963)01:51

Jim ReevesDistant Drums02:53

Jim ReevesMary's Little Boy Child03:12

Jim ReevesAdios Amigo02:31

Jim ReevesBetond The Clouds03:06

Pure... Christmas (4CD) CD2Jim Reeves - C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S02:48

Jim ReevesAfter A While02:11

Jim ReevesDanny Boy02:56

Jim ReevesHow´s The World Treating You? (1957)02:19

Jim ReevesBilly Bayou02:05

НеизвестенJim Reeves - Distant Drums02:48

Jim ReevesBut You Love Me Daddy02:11

Jim Reeves05.Penny Candy02:31

Jim ReevesThere's A Heartache Following Me02:03

Jim ReevesAm I That Easy To Forget?02:22

Jim ReevesMissing You02:39

Jim ReevesI Can't Stop Loving You02:44

Jim ReevesWelcome To My World02:38

Jim Reeves06.Love Me A Little Bit More02:23

Jim ReevesThe Wreck Of The No' 902:18

Jim Reeves & CastJingle Bells02:56

Jim ReevesI Love You Because02:47

Jim ReevesWe Thank Thee02:41

Jim ReevesMona Lisa02:37

Jim ReevesHave Thine Own Way, Lord03:06

Jim ReevesHe’ll Have To Go02:19

Jim ReevesThis World Is Not My Home02:46

Jim Reeves (1963)Annabel Lee02:40

Jim ReevesJust Walk On By01:55

Jim ReevesFor The Good Times03:29

Jim ReevesStand At Your Window02:42

Patsy Cline & Jim ReevesSo Wrong03:00

Jim ReevesI Guess I'm Crazy02:25

Jim ReevesDistant Drums02:49

Jim ReevesRoom Full Of Roses02:39

Jim ReevesHave I Told You Lately That I Love You02:53

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