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Musica De Metallica

Escuchar musica online, letras de canciones, discografias, cds, albums 2017 y 2018 del artista Metallica.

Canciones de Metallica

MetallicaNothing Else Matters06:28

MetallicaThe Unforgiven II06:36

MetallicaDie, Die My Darling02:26

MetallicaNow That We’re Dead06:59


MetallicaThe Memory Remains04:39

MetallicaMama Said05:19

MetallicaEnter Sandman07:39

MetallicaI Disappear04:26

MetallicaSad But True05:46

MetallicaTurn The Page06:06

MetallicaFor Whom The Bell Tolls05:35

MetallicaWherever I May Roam06:43


MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:35

MetallicaMy Friend Of Misery06:47

MetallicaAm I Evil?07:50

MetallicaFade To Black07:24

MetallicaThe Unforgiven06:26

MetallicaUntil It Sleeps04:27


MetallicaThe Unforgiven III07:46

MetallicaLords Of Summer07:10

MetallicaDevil's Dance05:19

MetallicaThe Day That Never Comes07:56

MetallicaThrough The Never04:02

MetallicaNothing Else Matters06:47

MetallicaSome Kind Of Monster04:16

MetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)06:27

MetallicaRemember Tomorrow05:50

MetallicaMy Apocalypse05:01


MetallicaOf Wolf And Man04:16

MetallicaKing Nothing05:29


MetallicaEnter Sandman06:14

MetallicaSeek & Destroy06:55

MetallicaCreeping Death06:43



MetallicaThe God That Failed05:08



MetallicaAtlas, Rise!06:28

MetallicaRide The Lightning06:56

MetallicaTo Live Is To Die09:49

MetallicaEnter Sandman06:21

MetallicaDisposable Heroes08:16

Metallica, Ozzy OsbourneParanoid02:49

MetallicaDamage, Inc.05:32

MetallicaSome Kind Of Monster08:26


MetallicaBleeding Me08:17

MetallicaHero Of The Day04:21

MetallicaThe Four Horsemen07:12

MetallicaLow Man's Lyric07:36

MetallicaThe House That Jack Built06:38


MetallicaPhantom Lord05:01

MetallicaThe Four Horsemen05:19

MetallicaCarpe Diem Baby06:12

Metallica, Ozzy OsbourneIron Man03:06

MetallicaHolier Than Thou03:47

MetallicaEye Of The Beholder06:30

Chill Out HitsNothing Else Matters (Relaxing Chill Out Version) [Metallica Cover]06:07

MetallicaThe Call Of The Ktulu09:34

MetallicaThe End Of The Line07:52

MetallicaLeper Messiah05:40

MetallicaThat Was Just Your Life07:08

MetallicaThe Outlaw Torn09:48

MetallicaSuicide & Redemption09:57

MetallicaHit The Lights04:07

MetallicaThe Thing That Should Not Be06:36

MetallicaBad Seed04:05

MetallicaWasting My Hate03:57


MetallicaThe Struggle Within03:53

MetallicaRonnie Rising Medley (A Light In The Black / Tarot Woman / Stargazer / Kill The King)09:03

MetallicaThe Call Of Ktulu08:53

MetallicaThe Judas Kiss08:00

MetallicaMercyful Fate11:10

MetallicaFor Whom The Bell Tolls04:26

MetallicaMy World05:45

MetallicaThe Shortest Straw06:36


MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:54

MetallicaThe Unnamed Feeling07:07

MetallicaDyers Eve05:13


MetallicaSeek & Destroy06:56

Metallica2 X 405:28

MetallicaCreeping Death08:12

MetallicaPrince Charming06:05


MetallicaSweet Amber05:27

MetallicaThe Frayed Ends Of Sanity07:44

Metallica(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth04:28

MetallicaJump In The Fire05:13

MetallicaShoot Me Again07:10

MetallicaDirty Window05:24

MetallicaWhere The Wild Things Are06:53

MetallicaFight Fire With Fire05:32

MetallicaLast Caress / Green Hell03:30

MetallicaBetter Than You05:21

MetallicaIt's Electric03:33


MetallicaCrash Course In Brain Surgery03:08



MetallicaHell And Back06:57


MetallicaThe Small Hours06:40

MetallicaBlack Album (1991 Full Album)01:36


MetallicaThorn Within05:51

MetallicaMetal Militia06:07

MetallicaStone Dead Forever04:51

Stardust All StarsThe Unforgiven (Originally Performed By Metallica) [Instrumental]06:02

MetallicaThe Memory Remains04:42

MetallicaStone Cold Crazy02:17


MetallicaKilling Time03:03

MetallicaHate Train06:59


MetallicaTurn The Page05:17

MetallicaHit The Lights04:25

MetallicaThe Ecstasy Of Gold02:30

Metallica(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth04:14

MetallicaAll Within My Hands08:47

MetallicaThe Prince04:24


MetallicaPoor Twisted Me04:00

MetallicaSeek & Destroy06:54

MetallicaThe Wait04:53

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:25

MetallicaJust A Bullet Away07:11

MetallicaThe More I See04:48

Tommy MelodyNothing Else Matters (Karaoke Version) [Originally Performed By Metallica]06:38


Rockabye Baby!Enter Sandman (Lullaby Rendition Of Metallica)03:12

MetallicaUntil It Sleeps04:30

MetallicaToo Late Too Late03:12

MetallicaBleeding Me09:01

MetallicaTrapped Under Ice04:04


MetallicaSeek And Destroy (Live At Monsters Of Rock, Tushino Air Field, Moscow 1991)06:35

MetallicaRebel Of Babylon08:02


MetallicaRide The Lightning06:41


MetallicaWhen Hell Freezes Over (The Call Of Ktulu)09:10

The Backing Track ExtraordinairesMaster Of Puppets (Originally Performed By Metallica) [Backing Track]07:05

MetallicaThe Four Horsemen07:29

MetallicaRide The Lightning06:26

MetallicaBleeding Me (Live At The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 1996)08:43

Ameritz Karaoke BandEnter Sandman (In The Style Of Metallica) [Karaoke Version]05:33

MetallicaLast Caress (Live At The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 1996)02:23

Metallica, Ray DaviesAll Day And All Of The Night02:40

MetallicaSymptom Of The Universe/Back In Black Jam (Live At Monsters Of Rock, Tushino Air Field, Moscow 1991)02:48

MetallicaSeek & Destroy07:47

MetallicaSeek & Destroy06:59

MetallicaDevil's Dance (Live At The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 1996)05:49

MetallicaFor Whom The Bell Tolls (Live At Monsters Of Rock, Tushino Air Field, Moscow 1991)05:47

MetallicaThe Ecstasy Of Gold (Live At Monsters Of Rock, Tushino Air Field, Moscow 1991)01:45

Lullaby Kid BizEnter Sandman (Originally Performed By Metallica) [Lullaby Version]03:30

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Live At Monsters Of Rock, Tushino Air Field, Moscow 1991)04:26

MetallicaWherever I May Roam06:18

MetallicaOverkill (Live At The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 1996)04:17

MetallicaThe Four Horsemen05:46

MetallicaCreeping Death (Live At Woodstock, Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY, 1994)07:05

MetallicaAm I Evil? (Live At Monsters Of Rock, Tushino Air Field, Moscow 1991)03:13

MetallicaRide The Lightning06:54

Metallica/Swizz Beatz/Ja RuleWe Did It Again04:40

MetallicaRide The Lightning07:13

MetallicaWherever I May Roam (Live At The Forum, Copenhagen, Denmark 1996)07:06

Black Sheep WallMetallica33:05

MetallicaThe Four Horsemen07:12

MetallicaSeek And Destroy (Live At The Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, In, 1988)07:14

MetallicaEnter Sandman (Live At Woodstock, Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY, 1994)06:39

Ameritz Countdown KaraokeI Disappear (In The Style Of Metallica) [Karaoke Version]04:28

Six By SevenSawn Off Metallica T Shirt02:13

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