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Musica De Puppets

Escuchar musica online, letras de canciones, discografias, cds, albums 2017 y 2018 del artista Puppets.

Canciones de Puppets

PendulumMaster Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)05:25

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:32

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:35

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (8-bit Cover)08:49

The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits03:00

David GarrettMaster Of Puppets [Metallica]03:49

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (LIVE!)08:20

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:25

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:36

The Last Shadow PuppetsMy Mistakes Were Made For You03:05

Metallica [1986 - Master Of Puppets]Disposable Heroes (перевод)08:16

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets 1986 (Full Album)54:50

Kiseijuu Sei No Kakuritsu (Ken Arai)KILL THE PUPPETS04:40

Body & SoulThe Puppets05:58

Scream Inc.Master Of Puppets (Live BINGO)08:01

The Last Shadow Puppets Ft. Alison MosshartParis Summer03:37

Motionless In WhitеPuppets (The First Snow)04:20

Van CantoMaster Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)08:23

The Last Shadow PuppetsI Don't Like You Anymore03:05

Motionless In WhitePuppets 2 (The Rain) (BREAKDOWN SHOW)00:53

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:52

The Last Shadow PuppetsBad Habits03:27

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:35

The Meat PuppetsLake Of Fire03:15

Limp BizkitMaster Of Puppets (LiveaRock Im Park 2001)01:42

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:34

The Last Shadow PuppetsCalm Like You02:26

TriviumMaster Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)08:11

Depeche ModePuppets (Speak & Spell)03:58

WakfuNox Puppets (vs Marama, Frisco And Tartufo)01:04

NovaShadow Puppets (Centra Remix)05:18

The Last Shadow PuppetsStanding Next To Me02:20

The Last Shadow PuppetsWondrous Place02:46

Puppets Of ChaosTru Dat(1995 Us)04:07

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Pendulum Remix) (TJ's Edit)05:09

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:23

Steel Puppetsна номер02:16

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:54

Burden Of GriefMaster Of Puppets [Metallica Cover]09:20

The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age Of The Understatement03:07

☜\m/☞ApocalypticaMaster Of Puppets07:16

Babies Go MetallicaMaster Of Puppets02:43

Some Hot MomMaster Of Puppets [Acoustic]04:07

Pearl & The PuppetsSmile (VENT REMIX)04:12

NovaShadow Puppets (Syrebral Remix05:34

Pearl And The PuppetsMake Me Smile02:36

The Last Shadow PuppetsI Want You So Bad (the Beatles Cover)03:48

Kirk HammettSolo - Master Of Puppets00:36

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:09

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:29

GodbelowMaster Of Puppets [Metallica Cover]09:43

Metallica (Master Of Puppets-1986)Master Of Puppets08:34

GAWTBASS & TincupPuppets02:42

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets08:35

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (1986)55:08


Metallica (LIVE In MOSCOW 24.04.10)14 - Master Of Puppets08:00

The Last Shadow PuppetsParis Summer (feat. Alison Mosshart)03:33

1. MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Live In Sweden / Gothenburg 1987)08:24

ApocalypticaMaster Of Puppets07:15

Rockabye Baby!Master Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)02:43

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (OST Мастер Гитары 2)08:35

Metallica ( Rock In Rio, Lisbon, PRT| 25-05-2012) 2Master Of Puppets07:59

The Last Shadow PuppetsMeeting Place (Acoustic)02:51

Metallica1986 - Master Of Puppets54:47

Sad Day For PuppetsMarble Gods03:45

TriviumMaster Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)04:47

FirehoseUnder The Influence Of Meat Puppets01:58

The Last Shadow PuppetsGas Dance03:39

Pearl & The PuppetsMake Me Smile (Grum Remix)05:21

SlipknotMaster Of Puppets(Metallica Cover)08:11


PendulumMaster Of Puppets [Live At Brixton Academy]01:34

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (REAL Kirk Hammet Guitar)08:06

Sum 41Master Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)08:48

The Last Shadow PuppetsStanding Next To Me02:14

The Last Shadow PuppetsIn My Room02:29

Arsonists Get All The GirlsMK-ULTRA: Psychotropic Puppets (


The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Time Has Come Again02:29

Mind ShredderMindless Puppets03:50

Puppets BandBuiikikaesu! (Maximum The Hormone Cover)03:58

Concrete TreeToo Many Puppets03:44

The Scorched Earth OrchestraMaster Of Puppets08:01

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Pendulum Rmx)05:25

METALLICAMaster Of Puppets08:35

VariousMaster Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)04:54

Sum 41Master Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)09:01

Marilyn MansonMaster Of Puppets04:59

TriviumMaster Of Puppets (Metallica Cover)07:30

The Last Shadow PuppetsMeeting Place03:59

Santa ClawsMaster Of Puppets05:11

NovaShadow Puppets (Original Mix)★ Electronic Music For Club21758964★[track At-07-04-2012] [Dubstep/Chillstep]06:05

The Last Shadow PuppetsMy Mistakes Were Made For You03:03

HarptallicaMaster Of Puppets08:27

MetallicaMaster Of Puppets (Dance With The Dead Remix)04:40

Puppets Of ChaosNew & Improved (Instrumental)04:16

LepokaJagermeister Of Puppets.03:06

1x01: Meat PuppetsAttacked By Monsters04:42

The Last Shadow PuppetsWondrous Place02:46

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