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Canciones de The Lollypops

  • The LollypopsB4 I Know03:17
  • The LollypopsA2 Rich Man's Daughter03:29
  • The LollypopsA3 Goodbye My Baby02:54
  • The LollypopsB6 Rock Around02:26
  • The LollypopsA5 Walk Away03:35
  • The LollypopsB2 T. J. R03:05
  • The LollypopsA4 All I Have02:21
  • The LollypopsB3 Living In The World Of Sorrow02:42
  • The LollypopsA1 What A Day — What A Night03:32
  • The LollypopsA6 Lorna04:03
  • The LollypopsB1 Forever02:17
  • The LollypopsB5 How Can I Live (Without You)03:33
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