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Musica De True Colors

Escuchar musica online, letras de canciones, discografias, cds, albums 2017 y 2018 del artista True Colors.

Canciones de True Colors

Anna Kendrick And Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors (Film Version)03:00

Wiz KhalifaTrue Colors (feat. Nicki Minaj)04:15

Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:33

Anna Kendrick And Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors04:03

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors03:49

Zedd/GreyTrue Colors03:46

All Time LowTrue Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)03:11

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors03:46

Flora MartinezTrue Colors03:11

Amanda FondellTrue Colors02:19

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors03:46

Phil CollinsTrue Colors (Live Rehearsal) [2016 Remastered]05:31

Deez NutsTrue Colors00:18

Ane BrunTrue Colors02:22

Cyndi LauperShe Bop (True Colors Live 2008)03:46

VocalosityTrue Colors02:28

Chateau PopTrue Colors03:40

Graham BlvdTrue Colors (2002 Version)04:20

Cyndi LauperEarly Bird (True Colors Live 2008)03:33

Misty BlueTrue Colors03:27

The Hit Co., The Tribute Co.True Colors03:49

BooshidaTrue Colors (78 BPM)03:48

AsiaTrue Colors03:51

Amie Og Anne-LouiseTrue Colors02:37

Ryszard RynkowskiTrue Colors03:16

Michelle JonesTrue Colors03:45

TheBattleFree Your True Colors By Stabilo02:53

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 1304:07

The Backing BaristasTrue Colors (Instrumental Version)03:48

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 504:34

AmeritzTrue Colors (In The Style Of Eva Cassidy) [Karaoke Version]05:06

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 104:36

Lily JuniperTrue Colors03:29

Tuesday's ChildTrue Colors03:38

Lea SalongaTrue Colors06:04

The Karaoke ChannelTrue Colors (Originally Performed By Cyndi Lauper) [Karaoke Version]03:44

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 203:46

Ladies Of SoulTrue Colors04:47

Cyndi LauperI Drove All Night (True Colors Live 2008)04:09

Party RockerzTrue Colors03:40

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 1004:33

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 1204:26

Hit Co. MastersTrue Colors03:33

Sweet VelvetTrue Colors (feat. Rainfairy) [Chill Mix]04:45

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 1104:45

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors (Album Version)04:10

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 604:24

Ane BrunTrue Colors02:16

Cyndi LauperSet Your Heart (True Colors Live 2008)03:24

Ryo NatoyamaTrue Colors04:27

The Karaoke ChannelTrue Colors03:43

The Hit Co.True Colors (Instrumental Version)03:49

Taylor EigstiTrue Colors04:32

GyptianTrue Colors04:02

Flies On The Square EggTrue Colors03:40

Freddie HubbardTrue Colors08:01

Party RockerzTrue Colors04:10

Ane BrunTrue Colors02:57

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 904:21

Power Music WorkoutTrue Colors04:13

Cyndi LauperMoney Changes Everything (True Colors Live 2008)05:15

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 804:14

MYMPTrue Colors03:35

Lucas S.True Colors03:36

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 704:21

JudithTrue Colors03:58

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 303:52

The Karaoke UniverseTrue Colors (Karaoke Version) [In The Style Of Cyndi Lauper]03:35

Gennaro Cosmo ParlatoTrue Colors (ITALIANO)01:55

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 1404:05

Audio IdolsTrue Colors03:47

Unknown ArtistTrue Colors01:43

Clayton JamesTrue Colors03:58

Judson ManceboTrue Colors04:40

Bengt Magnusson/Caroline LarssonTrue Colors03:19

Power Music WorkoutTrue Colors04:59

IsolatedTrue Colors01:17

Party RockerzTrue Colors03:12

Sweet VoicesTrue Colors03:39

Party RockerzTrue Colors05:35

Hit Co. MastersTrue Colors (Karaoke Version)03:49

Christin KieuTrue Colors03:43

K'millianTrue Colors, Pt. 400:27

James MassoneTrue Colors03:24

Zedd, KeshaTrue Colors (Aytac Kart Remix)04:10

Дима Билан Ft Виктория ДайнекоНе опускай глаз(True Colors Ost Тролли)02:40

Anna Kendrick & Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors (Film Version)03:00

The WeekndTrue Colors03:37

Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors03:44

Zedd, KeshaTrue Colors (OST FIFA 17)( )03:25

The WeekndTrue Colors (vrgntothemoney Remix)02:50

Richie Kohan (Feat. Faux Fix)True Colors (OST Dark Souls 3)03:34

Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors03:48

Zedd Feat. KeshaTrue Colors (Nolan Van Lith Remix)03:26

Jules LarsonTrue Colors03:46

The Weeknd7. True Colors03:34

MattyB Ft. Olivia KayTrue Colors03:19

Zedd & Ke$haTrue Colors03:44

Anna Kendrick & Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors (Film Version)03:00

ZeddTrue Colors (Grey Remix)03:45


Tanner PatrickTrue Colors - Zedd & Kesha03:14

Shores & HarborsTrue Colors04:09

The WeekndTrue Colors Youtube03:01

ZeddTrue Colors (Tex!no Remix)06:16

Cyndi Lauper ~ 1986 ~ True Colors4.True Colors03:47

Paul DinletirTrue Colors04:52

Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors (Felguk Remix)

Tom Kelly And Billy SteinbergTrue Colors03:46

Anna Kendrick & Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors04:03

NotionsTrue Colors04:06

SmKTrue Colors03:57

Eva CassidyTrue Colors04:51

Мишель ШемьюэлTrue Colors02:52

Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:34

Wiz KhalifaTrue Colors (feat. Nicki Minaj)04:15

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors03:47

The BattleFree Your True Colors (Youtube Rip)02:57

Anna Kendrick, Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors (Film Version)03:00

Phil CollinsTrue Colors (OST Воздушные замки)04:33

Poets Of The FallCarnival Of Rust (It's All A Game, Avoiding Failure, When True Colors Will Bleed All In The Name Of Misbehavior And The Things We Don't Need I Lust For «after» No Disaster Can Touch Touch Us Anymore And More Than Ever, I Hope To Never Fall04:19

Ringtone MakerThe Weeknd - True Colors (vrgntothemoney Remix) Рингтон02:17

Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:34

Robyn The BankTrue Colors03:14

Zedd, KeshaTrue Colors (Aytac Kart Remix) RA04:10

Tom OdellTrue Colors02:23

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors (piano Cover)02:20

Zedd Kesha & Treum Jay WhokeTrue Colors ( WILDCRY Mash-UP )05:20

Sindi LauperTrue Colors03:50

Marina And The DiamondsTrue Colors02:07

Anna TsuchiyaTrue Colors03:31

Toni BraxtonGave You The Benefit Of The Doubt Till You Showed Me What You Were About Your True Colors Came Out And Your Words Couldn’t Hide The Scent Cuz The Truth About Where You've Been Is In A Fragrance I Can’t Recognize Standing There Scratching Your Head B03:45

Wiz KhalifaTrue Colors (feat. Nicki Minaj)04:15

Vanessa ParadisTrue Colors03:52

Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors Cover By Tanner Patrick03:14

ZeddTrue Colors (feat. Kesha) [Realtones™]00:31

이성경 & 박형식True Colors [세로라이브]02:47

Anna Kendrick & Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors04:03

ZeddTrue Colors (Fozzie Bx Remix)06:46

MoonSunTrue Colors (Zedd Cover)04:21

Cindy LauperTrue Colors03:44

Nicki MinajTrue Colors (Only Nicki)00:35

David ArchuletaTrue Colors03:39

Tanner PatrickTrue Colors03:14

(Sirius Mashup)True Colors Don't Run [Copyright Free]04:20

Abandoned By BearsTrue Colors04:14

Artists AgainstTrue Colors03:47

George SkaroulisTrue Colors (Prelude) - альбом Forever Young 200502:52

Rosie MankatoTrue Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)03:15

Method Of DestructionTrue Colors03:48

Anna Kendrick, Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors (Film Version)03:00

Zedd Feat. KeshaTrue Colors (Enpon Feat. Sven Remix)05:27

NindjaTrue Colors (Remix Cindy Lauper ) (

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors03:19


True ColorsPerspective01:51

Amy DiamondTrue Colors03:25

Jules LarsonTrue Colors03:26

Sosa 808True Colors [DirtySouthRap]03:04

ReLightTrue Colors (Farzam Remix)06:47

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors (Acoustic)04:10

Sweet Velvet Feat. RainfairyTrue Colors (Chill Mix)04:27

Brendan FletcherTrue Colors03:17

True ColorsStanding Tall01:51

Zedd Ft. KeshaTrue Colors (Studio Acapella)03:45

ZeddTrue Colors (feat. Kesha) #2 [Realtones™]00:29

Marina And The DiamondsTrue Colors (cyndi Lauper Cover)02:15

(Rington) Justin Timberlake & Anna KendrickTrue Colors - Rington.Org00:32

Ane BrunTrue Colors02:20

True ColorsThrough You01:24

Daniel De BourgTrue Colors Cover (ΣclΣctico Sensual Kizomba Remix 2015) {2015} ~(

Scars Of AmberTrue Colors03:35

True ColorsLook Back - I Lose03:01

Takagaki AyahiTRUE COLORS03:38

Artists Against BullyingTrue Colors03:49

Zedd Feat. KeshaTrue Colors (Division 4 Radio Edit)04:16

Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors (Instrumental)03:45

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors( Covered By Greek Fire)03:17

Scars Of AmberTrue Colors03:34

Leave The Sky BehindYour True Colors (Post-Hardcore.RU)03:18

I$o Indies X Jahb LessTrue Colors03:26

Wiz Khalifa Ft Nicki MinajTrue Colors04:15

Zedd And KeshaTrue Colors (Handbag House Club Mix)06:24

Phil CollinsTrue Colors (-) [x-minus_org]04:20

Coeur De PirateTrue Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)03:58

Angus Stone & SokoTrue Colors (Live On TV Show Taratata Nov. 2012)03:16

Alastair HoskinsonTrue Colors (The Weeknd Cover) |

True Sounds Of LibertyColors (take Me Away)04:12

Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:35

Fight FairYour True Colors03:56

True ColorsGrowing Concern01:24

Mika TsukikoTrue Colors (cover)02:14

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Nicki MinajTrue Colors ( 2o14 ) [ ]04:13

All Time LowTrue Colors03:09

True ColorsFocus On The Light01:36

Рене МагриттTrue Colors01:51

Wiz KhalifaTrue Colors (Ft. Nicki Minaj)04:18

Ane BrunTrue Colors02:18

Erlend BratlandTrue Colors03:54

Best Rock Ballads [Compilation]True Colors [Cyndi Lauper]03:45

Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:09

Glee CastGlee Cast - True Colors03:33

三浦大知 [Daichi Miura]True Colors -live Recording-04:36

Wiz Khalifa Feat. Nicki MinajTrue Colors [ By Nikita]04:15

Natasha St-PierTrue Colors / "500 Choristes Vol.2", 200604:02

Eva CassidyTrue Colors03:47

Lucas S.True Colors03:36

Ane BrunBut I See Your True Colors.. Shining Through.. I See Your True Colors And That's Why I Love You...02:20

True ColorsTrue Colors02:31

Her True ColorsNumber 402:45

Eva CassidyTrue Colors [live]04:50

Record ChilloutSweet Voices - True Colors Www.radiorecord.ru03:41

Anna Kendrick, Justin TimberlakeTrue Colors (Film Version)03:00

Wiz KhalifaTrue Colors (feat. Nicki Minaj)00:30

Record Chillout RadioSweet Voices - True Colors03:41

Jasmine Clarke & DxDutchTrue Colors (Cyndi Lauper Cover)03:34

Party RockerzTrue Colors (Radio Edit)03:40

True ColorsAlone01:53

Lara Fabian & Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:23

BindTrue Colors01:59

Дима Билан и Виктория Дайнеко (OST Тролли)Не опускай глаз (True Colors)02:39

Zedd Ft. KeshaTrue Colors (MONSTERKILLS REMIX)03:44

GleeTrue Colors [INSTR]03:32

Zedd (and Ke$ha)True Colors (Division 4 Club Mix) (

Phil CollinsTrue Colors04:33

DenaceTrue Colors (instrumental)02:39

Phil CollinsTrue Colors ( Live; Best Version!!)03:07

Garpocalypse Feat. Brandon Strader, Xarnax42, & Pumpkin KingDreams Don't Come True (Sonic Adventure 2 - Cosmic Wall, Sonic Colors - Tropical Resort)05:35

Emily WestTrue Colors (Feat. Cyndi Lauper)03:48

Zedd Ft KeshaTrue Colors (DJ.Tuch Remix)04:18

FloorpunchTrue Colors01:00

JPTRTrue Colors01:47

Empire Voices (Ft. Ryan Kirby Of Fit For A King)Tracing True Colors03:23

Zedd Ft. KeshaTrue Colors (К. Войнов Version)03:55

Sister Cristina09. True Colors03:58

Wiz KhalifaTrue Colors (Feat. Nicki Minaj)05:41

AdeleTrue Colors02:16

Cyndi LauperTrue Colors - Истинный03:49

PliesTrue Colors04:07

Armin Van Buuren (2004) A State Of Trance 2004Forbidden Colors [True Form]07:28

Phil CollinsTrue Colors02:54

Angus Stone & SokoTrue Colors03:16

Cyndi Lauper ~ 1986 ~ True Colors1.Change Of Heart04:24

MattyB & Olivia KayTrue Colors03:19

True ColorsHuman Touch02:50

Cyndi Lauper ~ 1986 ~ True Colors9.91103:16

Phil Collins & Peter GabrielTrue Colors [LP Version]04:33

TRUE COLORSUmbrella05:53


ZeddTrue Colors (Slowmix)04:34

Zedd Ft KeshaTrue Colors (EFH Bootleg)03:44

DenaceTrue Colors02:41

Oda Kaori [2014.05.07]True Colors ╜ Colors ╤04:28

DimaTrue Colors03:18

DenaceTrue Colors02:41

True ColorsThe Kids Are Alright02:52

Method Of DestructionTrue Colors03:49

True ColorsWhat For00:43

Alessandra MaestriniTrue Colors (OST TiTiTi-2010)03:04

True ColorsAgainst The Wall01:51

Zedd KeshaTrue Colors03:45

Aytac Kart & Zedd Feat. KeshaTrue Colors / #bmcollection04:10

AquaspaceTrue Colors08:00

Hajime ChitoseTrue Colors03:42

Cryptic WisdomTrue Colors (Prod. Heat Up Beats) [HIP-HOP/RAP/FAST FLOW]03:09

The Glee Project CastTrue Colors01:19

Emily JonesTrue Colors (ft. Jacob Pritchett, W. Joshua Taipale)05:00

Sammy Cahn & James Van HeusenCall Me Irresponsible (OST "True Colors", 1991)03:06

AsiaTrue Colors03:48

Zedd Ft. KeshaTrue Colors [Bang Rington Inc.]00:19

MARINA DIAMONDSTrue Colors 2[x-minus]03:36

Dj ElenoiseTrue Colors Of Trance (vol.1)00:20

PliesTrue Colors [Prod. By Lody]04:07

Zedd & Kesha Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors (Edson Pride & Erick Fabbri Remix)07:30

VariousCyndi Lauper / True Colors03:45

True ColorsOpen Up00:47

OliviaTrue Colors03:58

True ColorsMy City01:43

Naughty Skill Ft.Red ShaydezTrue Colors03:40

Zedd & KeshaTrue Colors (Nolan Van Lith Remix) [Nightcore]02:33

MYMPTrue Colors03:35

Thony VeraTrue Colors (Original Mix)06:35

George Skaroulis & Kevin LawsonTrue Colors04:05

Ane BrunTrue Colors02:20

Mark IshamTamara Shows Her True Colors04:20

True ColorsCount Your Loss01:59

Lily JuniperTrue Colors03:29

ReLightTrue Colors (UMA Ayman Remix)07:00

Blind Audition Mit Judith Und Peer Etage7-True Colors (Cover)02:37

True ColorsMy Heartbeat02:32

Naya RiveraTrue Colors (live)00:24

Maira MartinsTrue Colors (ane Brun's Cover)03:16

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