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Canciones de Wishing

Natalie ImbrugliaWishing I Was There03:51

R5Wishing I Was 2303:30

Jack JohnsonSitting, Waiting, Wishing03:03

Lola MarshWishing Girl03:12

Rose RoyceWishing On A Star04:50

Terence Trent D'ArbyWishing Well03:30

A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)05:29

Jay-ZWishing On A Star (D Influence Remix)05:53

FreeWishing Well03:39

Black SabbathWishing Well04:04

Natalie ImbrugliaWishing I Was There03:52

A Silent FilmDanny, Dakota & The Wishing Well04:45

The Wishing StarsListen With Your Heart (From "Pocahontas")01:08

The Wishing StarsAlmost There (The Princess And The Frog)02:25

John FruscianteWishing02:45

Old Sea BrigadeWishing Well04:01

Lesley GarrettLloyd Webber: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again ("Phantom Of The Opera")03:30

Wishing On A StarMan Or Muppet02:57

The Wishing StarsLet It Go (Frozen)03:43

The LimousinesSwrdswllngwhr (Wishing Well)05:03

The Wishing StarsBe Our Guest (From "Beauty And The Beast")03:26

SoundSenseWishing On A Star03:57

SealWishing On A Star04:13

BlackfootWishing Well03:12

Rose RoyceWishing On A Star04:50

André RieuWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:50

Jackie GleasonTheme From "Taras Bulba" (The Wishing Star)03:16

Five For FightingThe Devil In The Wishing Well: Music Video (Album Version)03:31

The Wishing StarsColors Of The Wind (From "Pocahontas")04:13

The Wishing StarsI'm A Barbie Girl03:13

Csaba Toth BagiWishing Well (feat. Mike Stern) [Live]11:45

Neal CasalWishing Well04:39

The Wishing StarsA Whole New World04:09

Black Hole SunWishing On A Star04:55

The Wishing StarsSomething There (From "Beauty And The Beast")02:10

KimbraI’m Wishing04:13

The Wishing StarsKiss The Girl (From "The Little Mermaid")02:43

Jay-Z;Pure StringzWishing On A Star (Radio Edit)03:43

BlazeWishing You Were Here (Joey Negro Extended Mix)08:06

Buddy HollyWishing02:02

Ameritz Countdown KaraokeWishing On A Star (In The Style Of Jay-Z, Gwen Dickey) [Karaoke Version]03:47

Randy CrawfordWishing On A Star - Mousse T.'s Original Version04:51

Dick BraveSitting, Waiting, Wishing02:57

The Wishing StarsArabian Nights02:45

The Wishing StarsTwo Worlds (Tarzan)02:58

The Airborne Toxic EventWishing Well03:57

IOSYSWishing Your Life06:14

The Wishing StarsWhen Will My Life Begin (Tangled)02:35

Irene GrandiWishing On A Star03:58

Wishing On A StarThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'02:46

Terence Trent D'ArbyWishing Well03:30

A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)05:31

At VanceWishing Well03:13

The Wishing StarsI Just Can't Wait To Be King (From "The Lion King")02:51

Rose RoyceWishing On A Star04:31

PendragonThe Wishing Well, Pt.3 - We Talked05:29

INXSWishing Well03:25

Glen MillerWishing02:51

Wet Wet WetWishing I Was Lucky03:53

HunterzWishing On A Star03:37

Employed To ServeI Spend My Days (Wishing Them Away)03:42

Euphonic 7Wishing You Were Here (feat. Kevin Yost)06:42

The InstrumentalWishing On A Star01:55

BrainbombsWishing A Slow Death04:29

ChicagoWishing You Were Here04:36

Dana BryantWishing From The Top04:30

The MissionWishing Well02:43

Josh OshoWishing Well03:31

Original Moscow Cast Of The Phantom Of The OperaWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:11

JolanWishing Well02:42

The Wishing StarsI've Got A Dream (Tangled)03:15

Michael CrawfordWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:55

Till BrönnerWishing Well03:53

Wet Wet WetWishing I Was Lucky03:50

The Wishing StarsLes Poisson (From "The Little Mermaid")01:36

The Wishing StarsBe Prepared (From "The Lion King")03:41

Terence Trent D'ArbyWishing Well03:31

The Karaoke ChannelWishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Originally Performed By Phantom Of The Opera (Broadway Version) ) [Karaoke Version]02:59

The ServantI Wish I Could Stop Wishing For Things03:19

W.A.S.P.Wishing Well03:33

Rose RoyceWishing On A Star (Edit)03:56

The Original Studio OrchestraOne Song And I'm Wishing (From "Snow White")01:15

The Wishing StarsFor The First Time In Forever (Frozen)03:42

GirlfriendWishing On The Same Star04:03

Paul WellerWishing On A Star03:29

Lucy BellThe Moonbeam Fairy And The Wishing Well11:54

The Wishing StarsThat's How You Know (Enchanted)03:51

The Wishing StarsBelle (From "Beauty And The Beast")04:58

The Wishing StarsDaughters Of Triton (From "The Little Mermaid")00:40

The Wishing StarsPrince Ali (From "Aladdin")02:51

Mark VincentWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:48

Radio EditWishing You Well (We Say Our Last Goodbye)03:43

PendragonThe Wishing Well, Pt.1 - For Your Journey04:31

John FruscianteWishing02:48

The Vocal MastersWishing On A Star03:38

The LikeWishing He Was Dead02:53

MFSBWishing On A Star05:37

The Oh Hello'sWishing Well03:37

RihannaCalifornia King Bed...Eye To Eye, Cheek To Cheek, Side By Side, You Were Sleeping Next To Me...I Bet California Wishing On These Stars For Your Heart For Me...My California King ♥04:11

Eminem Ft. Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa & Ron Pope - A Drop In The OceanA Drop In The Ocean A Change In The Weather, I Was Praying That You And Me Might End Up Together. It's Like Wishing For Rain As I Stand In The Desert, But I'm Holding You Closer Than Most'cause You Are My Heaven.03:37

Miriam StockleyWishing On A Star05:34

SealWishing On A Star ('Soul 2', 2011)04:13

Jack JohnsonSitting, Waiting, Wishing03:07

InstrumentalWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:28

.::] [::.Рингтон [Jane Vanderbilt – Wishing On A Star (Remix By Yan Garen)] V200:48

London ElektricityWishing Well (Danny Byrd Remix)07:32

Disney's Greatest Love Songs MovieI'm Wishing (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, 1937)03:05

Kelly PepperWishing03:54

88.3 Feat. Lisa MayWishing On A Star (Original Mix)05:11

Jane VanderbiltWishing On A Star (Yan Garen Remix)05:28

MorphineWishing Well03:32

Sore EyelidsHeart Like A Wishing Well04:45

БелоснежкаI'm Wishing, One Song (Русская версия)03:19

Ben MoodyWishing Well04:37

The Moth And The FlameWishing Well [Indie]04:36

StanfourWishing You Well03:44

SlavesWishing Well02:27

BeyonceWishing On A Star04:07

Jane VanderbiltWishing On A Star (Remix By Yan Garen)05:31

Natalie ImbrugliaWishing I Was There03:52

MannaWishing Well (feat. Mark Lanegan)04:14

2econd Class CitizenWishing Well (The Raincoatman Vs. Vangel Remix)04:42

Earth House Hold Vs BvdubWishing12:09

The Shangri-LasWishing Well02:04

Pravilnyj_ritmMelleefresh, SpekrFreks - Wishing (Original Mix) Electro House04:36

SatoriThe Wishing Spell (Feat. Horrevorts)06:57

BrazenWishing Heart (Fonzerelli Big Hair Remix) [Frisatsunday]06:02

BITWVLFWishing Well (BLVCK CEILING Remix)03:03

Jiyeon [Dream High 2]Wishing On A Star02:46

R5Wishing I Was 2304:14

Diversion & Jennifer ReneWishing02:47

Diversion & Jennifer ReneWishing (Original Mix)03:32

Beverlei BrownWishing On A Star03:13

R5Wishing I Was 23 (acoustic) LIVE04:16

RnBWishing You Will04:29

Philip WesleyWishing For Home04:16

Caught In The ActWishing You Were Here (песня моей молодости, P.s. Н. В. )))04:43

Screaming FemalesWishing Well03:27

Linkin ParkWaiting For The End To Come Wishing I Had Strength To Stand This Was Not What I Had Planned It's Out Of My Control Flying At The Speed Of Light Thoughts Were Spinning In My Head So Many Things Were Left Unsaid It's Hard To Let You Go03:51



♪ Randy CrawfordWishing On A Star04:51

Blink-182Wishing Well03:20

Court Of OwlsWishing Well (Post-Hardcore.COM)03:29

Ahh OohWishing Mission02:37

Avatar Young BlazeWishing On A Dream03:41

Namaste - Enlightened Relaxation (2013)Sadhu - The Wishing Tree03:48

Jane VanderbiltWishing On A Star (Funky Junct05:38

Mirusia LouwerseWishing You Were Somehow Here Again (Lloyd Webber)04:08

Rose Royce_ .·•° ♫_ Wishing On A StarМИНУС_оригинал_ Club1892108904:45

Santana 1999 'Supernatural'10 Wishing It Was04:53

Wishing WellBird Creek01:52

Diana DamrauPhantom Of The Opera: Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again05:04

WaylayersThe Wishing Well04:09

Alexis FfrenchWishing02:14

Антон НовосельцевWishing To Ponder03:02

The HoneytrapsWishing03:14

BeyoncéWishing On A Star (instrumental)04:18

OST "10-е КОРОЛЕВСТВО"Wishing On A Star (Miriam Stockley)01:23

RaekwonWishing On A Star [NEW 2014]04:53

Andy TimmonsWishing Well05:15

Jack JonsonSitting, Waiting, Wishing03:03

Satori (NL)The Wishing Spell Feat. Horrevorts (Olaf Stuut Remix)07:09

LlewellynWishing You Love06:49

Daniel PearsonWishing Well03:14

Елена ХанпираАрия Кристины у могилы отца ( Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again "Призрак оперы"), перевод и исполнение Елены Ханпиры03:51

Michael RuffWishing Well05:33


Edo G Ft. Masta AceWishing (Instrumental)03:49

ThomaxWishing (Edo.G + Masta Ace)03:15

StanfourWishing You Well05:21

Skore & Twiss (Goodfellaz)Wishing []02:51

Maurizio VitielloWishing Well (Original Mix)06:45

Slade - Slade In Flame (1974)Summer Song (Wishing You Were Here)03:38

Wishing On A StarOST "Десятое королевство"01:04

BeyonceWishing On A Star (Десятое королевство)04:05

Cabriolet Paris & David BerkeleyWishing Well (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)03:54

Boogie Boy FekWishing On A Black Star56:50

Janne HeaWishing Well06:12

幸田夢波Wishing Diary04:38

Chris ColferThe Magic Harp’s Song - ‘The Land Of Stories: The Wishing Spell’00:22

Wishing WellChasing Rainbows04:38

Fast Foot & Rose RoyceWishing On A Star04:59

Natali ImbrugliaWishing I Was There03:51

MaysaWishing On A Star05:05

Blink 182Wishing Well (Piano Cover)03:22

Edo G Featuring Pete RockWishing (Feat. Masta Ace)03:49

BucketheadWishing Well04:02

EmoticonWishing Well03:40

2.11 - Hayley TaylorNo More Wishing03:59

Jo Dee MessinaWishing Well03:10

Margaret DygasWishing Well11:09

Ben MoodyWishing Well04:38

NightcoreWishing「Kana Nishino」03:59

Will DowningWishing On A Star [Radio Edit]05:09

2econd Class CitizenWishing Well03:21

Storm The SkyStill, Dreaming, Still Wishing04:22

Carmela Visone & The GroovesWishing On A Star05:30

The LimousinesSwrdswllngwhr (Wishing Well)05:03

Wishing WellKeener02:50

Harem ScaremWishing02:54

W.A.S.P.Wishing Well03:33

.::] [::.Рингтон [Jane Vanderbilt – Wishing On A Star (Remix By Yan Garen)]00:43

CoincideWishing Well03:18

Jennifer Rene, DiversionWishing (Original Mix)05:47

Tamera FosterWishing On A Start By Rose Royce (Live Week 4)02:13

SterrWishing Well03:49

The Cover GirlsI'm Wishing On A Star03:33


AllWishing Well03:02

INXSWishing Well (Welcome To Werever You Are 1992)03:25

Miriam StockleyWishing On A Star01:08

Siena RootWishing For More03:43

Black SabbathWishing Well04:08

What You Don't Know...What You Don't Know Is That I Lie Awake Wishing You Were Here Tonight What You Don't Know Is That I Loved You Long Before We Were Alive Cause How Would You Know, How Could You Know So Now I'm Gonna Tell You Everything...03:45

Paul RodgersWishing Well (with Free)03:43

Hayley TaylorNo More Wishing (OST How I Met Your Mother 4 Season \ ОСТ Как Я Встретил Вашу Маму 4 сезон)03:56

Rose RoyceWishing On A Star (1977)04:52

Sarit HaddadI'm Wishing You (Hebrew)04:13

BossonSimple Man Wishing03:40

Jay-Z"Wishing On A Star" (Feat. Gwen Dickey)03:55

Aizhan And AktilekWishing On A Star(cover)03:26

Karl MaddisonWishing Wheel05:35

Brian FallonSitting, Waiting, Wishing (Jack Johnson Cover)02:55

Wishing WellJimmy Doggit03:37

John FruscianteWishing02:48

A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You) (1983)05:30

Sweet SuspenseWishing On A Star01:30

A City SereneThe Wishing Well03:23

Wycliffe GordonWishing Well09:52

BeyonceWishing On A Star (Remix)03:52

Akira YamaokaWishing For Joy03:24

Absolute Jungle88.3 Feat Lisa May - Wishing On A Star05:06

тейлор свифтHaunted [He Would Try To Take Away My Pain. And He Just Might Make Me Smile. But The Whole Time I'm Wishing He Was You Instead]03:37

Will DowningWishing On A Star08:16

Ринго СтарThe Wishing Book01:15

+Satori (NL)The Wishing Spell Feat. Horrevorts (Acid Pauli Remix)05:39

MorphineWishing Well03:32

Toni Braxton♥ I Hate Love ♥ I Hate Goodbyes I Hate These Tears In My Eyes I Hate Myself For The Way I Feel About You Everytime I've Had Enough I'm Sick Of Wishing He Was Around Me Every Day, Every Night Its Way Too Much03:15

Jane VanderbiltWishing On A Star (Funky Junction Re-edit)06:54

Wishing The SunsetReflections03:32

Blink 182Wishing Well(instrumental)03:24

Trevor NamasteWishing Well06:35

Призрак Оперы на русскомWishing You Were Somehow Here Again02:53

Wishing WellLit03:05

Fast Foot Feat Rose RoyceWishing On A Star03:59

Laura SullivanWishing On A Dandelion []04:31

ScorpionsSince You're Gone, The World Is Not The Same. I Go Back To The Places We've Been - It Feels Like You're Still There. I Live All Those Moments Again, Wishing You Were Here... Have A Great 8th Of March Holiday, I.Sto.04:50

Wishing WellConvicted02:32

FreeWishing Well03:43

Dizzy Mizz LizzyWishing Well03:36

Wishing WellScience Fiction04:21

Drift AgainWishing05:20

Wishing WarsYesterday04:59

Mikal EvansWishing Well04:31

Wishing WellHippie Heart Gypsy Soul04:11

Mariah CareyBaby Can You Feel Me, Imagining I'm Looking In Your Eyes, I Can See You Clearly Vividly Emblazoned In My Mind And Yet You're So Far, Like A Distant Star ..........I'm Wishing On Tonight.............03:51

Get Down EditsWishing (Late Nite Tuff Guy Dream Remix)06:24

Second-ChanceWishing Well03:52

Wishing The SunsetMartyr Of Samadhi Pt103:55

Jay-Z Feat. AdeleWon't Go (Wishing) (Urban Noize Remix)03:38

BrazenWishing Heart (Fonzerelli Big Hair Remix)06:02

The Dead SouthWishing Well03:35

Wishing WellLuck Is Blind03:46

Yanni - If I Could Tell You(2000)06.Wishing Well05:45

Miriam StockleyI'm Wishing On A Star (Instrumental)04:16

The HoneytrapsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)03:14

Ost The Phantom Of The OperaWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:00

Andemund OrchestraWishing04:46

FreeWishing Well03:43

Wild CubWishing Well (j.viewz Remix)04:58

The Alpha ConspiracyWishing Never03:44

Converge06. Wishing Well02:49

Wishing WellI'll Never Let You Go04:48

Wishing Well1.21 Giggawatts03:28

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA(минус)Wishing You Were Somehow Here02:46

Jane VanderbiltWishing On A Star (Remix By Ya04:21

Edo G Featuring Pete RockWishing Feat. Masta Ace03:49

3x07: The Cover GirlsWishing On A Star04:42

Satori (NL)The Wishing Spell (Acid Pauli Remix) [feat. Horrevorts]05:39

Cheryl GunnWishing Well05:13

Алена ЯрушинаWishing On A Star (Miriam Stockley, Beyonce Cover)03:56

MorphineWishing Well (Live 199?)03:56

Selvy"Wishing Well"07:07

The EverywheresWishing Well04:57

Jay-ZWishing On A Star03:55

Wishing WellSacrifice04:57

A Silent FilmDanny, Dakota & The Wishing Well (Piano Version)04:44

Wishing The SunsetArchetype's Gear04:16

Karl Maddison11. Wishing Wheel05:36

2econd Class CitizenWishing Well (Wyred Remix)04:59

036. Monday 2 Friday []Wishing Well (Master Blaster R03:38

JiyeonWishing On A Star02:46

Wishing WellFire In My Soul04:13

Diamonds & PearlsWishing On A Star (Rob Nunjes Lounge Dub)03:22

Diversion & Jennifer ReneWishing (Original Mix)07:09

Five Horse JohnsonWishing Well05:13

Satori Feat. HorrevortsThe Wishing Spell (Olaf Stuut Remix)07:09

Wycliffe GordonWishing Well10:02

Our Sunday AffairsWishing You Were Here With...00:53

Diversion, Jennifer ReneWishing (Original Mix)05:48

Fresh FourWishing On A Star (K's Fresh Edit)07:03

Miriam StockleyWishing On A Star05:20

Cry WolfFace Down In The Wishing Well05:37

Electric Light Orchestra – Discovery Оцифровка фирменного голландского винила 1979 года : Label:Jet Records – JETLX 500, Jet Records – JET LX 500 Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Gatefold Country:Europe Released:1979 Genre:Rock, PopB1 Last Train To London 4:31 B2 Midnight Blue 4:20 B3 On The Run 3:56 B4 Wishing 4:14 B5 Don't Bring Me Down 4:0821:00

Core Of IoWishing I Had Time04:27

Sarit HadadI'm Wishing You03:55

Ai PhoenixWishing Lot05:59

Miriam StoWishing On A Star01:23

Cheyenne Marie MizeWishing Well02:07

Wishing WellVariations02:05

BeyonceWishing On A Star (sexuality)04:11

♡ BeyonceWishing On A Star04:08

❀ Tony Braxton Ft Claude KellyI Hate Goodbye. I Hate This Tears In My Eyes. I Hate Myself For The Way I Feel About You Everytime I’ve Had Enough I’m Sick Of Wishing He Was Around Me Every Day, Every Night Its Way Too Much I Hate Love Yeahhyeahhh I Hate Love Yeahh Woooo03:13

Wishing The SunsetMartyr Of Samadhi Pt204:14

Rose RoyseWishing On A Star (1977)04:53

Cabriolet Paris & David BerkeleyWishing Well (Stoneface & Terminal Remix)04:16

RoachfordWishing You Knew03:49

Pinnacle & SPARKLeWishing On A Star02:44

A Flock Of SeagullsWishing05:30

17/ Caught In The Act'' Wishing You Were Here ''04:21

Jason WalkerDown [Not Ready To Let Go Cause Then I'd Never Know That I Could Be Missing I'm Missing Way Too Much So When Do I Give Up What I've Been Wishing For]04:05

Queen DementiaWishing Well04:06

Rainie Yang/Wishing For Happiness 8/11Yi Wan Ling Yi Zhong Ke Neng (Possibilities)03:13

Wonder GirlsWishing On A Star (instrumental)03:56

Rebekah ToddWishing Well08:14

Howling BellsWishing Stone03:32

Rainie Yang/Wishing For Happiness 1/11Wang Le (Forgotten)03:50

Wild CubWishing Well (J.Viewz Remix;)04:57

MelinaWishing On Love03:41

I Don't Want To Waste Another Day Keeping It Inside It's Killing Me Cause All I Ever Want, It Comes Right Down To YouI'm Wishing I Could Find The Words To Say Baby I Would Tell You Every Time You Leave I'm Inconsolable ..03:38

Crossroads/The Wishing Well06:32

Black SabbathWishing Well04:08

Sierra BoggessWishing You Were Somehow Here Again(Royal Alberl Hall)41:34

A City SereneThe Wishing Well03:19

Wishing WellA Day In The Life Of A Captive Heart03:52


FreeWishing Well03:33

BeyonceWishing On A Star04:08

Rose RoyceWishing On A Star(1977)оригинал04:51

Jane VanderbiltWishing On A Star (Remix By Yan Garen)04:57

ℓuminanceMy Smile Fades And I'm Stuck Cold And Alone, Missing You And Wishing You Were Here.01:29

Номинация на Оскар 1967 (Song)Cover Version By Charlie Byrd And Chorus - My Wishing Doll (Hawaii)03:11

RassterlinWishing On A Star (Original Mix)05:13

Peter Daltrey & The Asteroid No.4Wishing Well03:58

Jackie EvanchoWishing You Were Somehow Here Again02:46

Paul HardcastleWishing On A Star03:56

Mario & VidisWishing Well Feat. Barbarossa (Original Mix)05:13

幸田夢波Wishing Diary (Off Vocal)04:36

PhinehasThe Wishing Well04:31

☊ Matias Fernandez VinaWishing (Frangellico Remix)10:10

Miriam StockleyWishing On A Star01:23

Marcus DWishing Well04:33

Wishing The SunsetOceano01:13

BITWVLFWishing Well (BLVCK CEILING Remix)03:03

ThomaxWishing (Edo.G + Masta Ace)03:15

Brian And The EdenWishing You All The Best For Summer06:29

Dan MikryukovWishing Well(acoustic)(blink-182 Cover)02:16

A Flock Of SeagullsWishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)05:31

MonokolNot Wishing Feet07:20

Big D And The Kids TableBeen Wishing On03:15

ThomaxWishing Instrumental Remix03:16

88.3Wishing On A Star (Urban Shakedown Remix)06:51

SealWishing On A Star03:21

Pegasus BridgeWishing She Was You02:48

Oneiroid PsychosisWithering And Wishing06:11

Via VersusWishing Well, Wishing Well04:27

88.3 Feat. Lisa MayWishing On A Star05:06

GirlfriendWishing On The Same Star04:04

RoxForever Always Wishing03:13

Electric Light OrchestraWishing04:11

Dusty SpringfieldWishing And Hoping02:56

Miriam StockleyWishing On A Star07:40

The LikeWishing He Was Dead(dcb Edit)01:48

Stac & Blue DaisyWishing On A Star04:26

André Rieu & Mirusia LouwerseWishing You Were Somehow Here Again03:53

The X Factor Finalists Feat. JLS & One DirectionWishing On A Star (UK #1- 05.12.11)03:23

The Phantom Of The Opera 2011 - Sierra BoggessWishing You Were Somehow Here Again04:35

94 Bpm - Neal CasalWishing Well (Terence Trent D'Arby)04:28

Jesse DamonWishing Well | 201305:01

David LynchWishing Well03:39

Dudley TaftWishing Well04:09

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